1. K

    need help buying a 50inch tv

    hi need help for buying a 50 inch tv budget 80k , was reading reviews of sony , which was good , any suggestion , want this for the family room , would be primary used for tv viewing and gaming mostly , does any body know about le eco 55inch is it any good comparing to a sony or samsung , thanks
  2. ASHISH65

    Govt body wants OBC quotas in private sector

    Backward class body for 27% quota in private jobs Source - Backward class body for 27% quota in private jobs - Times of Indi :banghead::banghead::banghead: Looks like in future we need to move out to nation like Canada,Australia etc for job because these politicians have no respect for hard...
  3. S

    IEH under 2k

    Guys, Planning to buy a In ear headphone. Already owns a Tekfusion Twin Woofer. Have to change to a different one as i had a pathetic customer care and the 3rd replaced unit's is damaged. Nee you opinions. + Love to listen to bass. + Should be comfortable for prolonged use. + Would...
  4. jaimin100

    graphic card fan body heat

    hello mates, i have compaq presario series desktop wirh geforce8400 512mb cardworking fine. but after amc today when i open and touch the side fan body of graphic card ,its so hot!!! my question is that normal or do something?
  5. N

    this beats headphone.......genuine or fake?

    Beats By Dr.Dre SOLO HD Headphones * Full Hard Plastic Body , Very Portable!! | eBay
  6. G

    Have You ever Taken an Accident Victim To Hospital ?

    Just a few days ago,we all saw a very shocking video of a man along with his four year old son and dead body of his wife and daughter in a jaipur Tunnel.Very shocking to see that no body had shown mercy on just four year boy,who was injured and help came after 40 minutes.For me it was very heart...
  7. paroh

    [Want to Buy] want Evercool-NB-MA1-Magic-Notebook-Cooling-Fan-

    Evercool NB-MA1 Magic Notebook Cooling Fan SKU: NB-MA1 I am interested in Evercool-NB-MA1-Magic-Notebook-Cooling-Fan- if any body have this PM me
  8. B

    Want to buy brainwavz M4 need advice

    i want to buy the brainwavz m4 from ( i have a couple of questions 1. Is it possible to pay using my federal bank international debit card..? 2. Should i need pay any duty..? 3. Any body know any discount...
  9. K

    Samsung Series 5 NP550P OOOOOOR Lenovo z580 I need help !!

    which one must i purchase samsung np550p with i5 , gt 650m and plastic body oooooooooR lenovo z580 with i7 , gt 630m and aluminum body i read hundreds of feedbacks and couldn't take any decision which one is better a good vga and excellent body or excellent vga and good body
  10. S

    Remove fsecure

    I have activated f-secure mobile security 30 days trial version in sony ericsson j108i.but i want to delete it from my phone. Please can any body tell me how to delete it?
  11. abhishek66

    Phone from US within INR20k other than Nexus 4

    I have a friend coming from US next week. I had ordered Nexus 4 on November 29 but have not received delivery yet and do not hope of receiving it too before next week. now i am thinking of asking him to get something else in place of Nexus 4. Can any body suggest a good phone / steal-deal /...
  12. HellFragger

    [For Sale] Apple iPad (3rd Gen) 32GB (White) WiFi+Cellular with Dock and Smart Cover Case

    SOLD ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Apple iPad (3rd Gen, with Retina Display) 32GB White - WiFi+Cellular with Apple Dock and Full Body Smart Cover Case(unused) | URL for 3rd generation iPad w/ Retina Display is now updated for 4th Gen | Expected Price: Rs 27,500/- (shipping...
  13. audiophilic

    What matters most - Camera Body or the Lens? What do you thnink??

    Hey, You know what guys? I was just wondering. I bought the 550D and thought that the more expensive models from canon would provide for a better picture quality as they have better sensor. Does it matter? Can we get a very good quality pictures with high end lens no matter what the body is...
  14. ithehappy

    Possible to send images/pictures in email body?

    Possible to send images/pictures in email body? [GMail- Solved, YMail- ??] Trying it for long, uploaded a pic to tinypic, and copied all the links and pasted, but in email they all show as a link or attachment sometimes. But what i want is to show the picture in the email body, but not as an...
  15. Freedom.Forever

    [Want to Buy] PSP Slim modded or moddable in Good condition

    I want to buy a modded psp and get it shipped to maharashtra, please PM me any body intrested to sell. good condition is expected. psp-3xxx will be good.
  16. vickybat

    Meet the Futuristic Hyundai Concept Motorcycle

    Designed by Min Seong Kim, this motorcycle concept features an interesting futuristic design that is sure to turn some heads and drop some jaws. Inspired by the human body's muscular structure, this Hyundai concept bike is supposed to relax and contract just as our muscles do. For example, when...
  17. S

    MKV merge settings required

    hi friends i just downloaded mkv merge and i want to compress videos by using it but how should i enter the settings it is not easy as handbrake so can any body give me the settings or from anywhere i can get the *.mmg files to download thank u
  18. TechPlex

    Best Headphone in budget

    Friends I need your help to buy a good Headphone set with durable mic. My budget is 450-600 Rupees. I need a good body too. The sound should be with bass.
  19. Rockstar11

    'Dead alien' found in Siberian snow

    It may just be an elaborate hoax, but a video has surfaced showing the body of an alien found dead in snow in Siberia. Check Video Here.. 'Dead alien' found in Siberian snow - Yahoo! News The slender, badly damaged corpse was found lying on a bed of snow with its head to one side and...
  20. azzu

    Latest Geminoid Is Incredibly Realistic

    Really looks awesome to me source :
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