1. W

    Man dies as kin ‘shuts’ ventilator to use air cooler at Kota hospital

    Source: Patient dies in Rajasthan hospital as kin unplugs ventilator to power cooler | Jaipur News - Times of India @Desmond David @Nerevarine @SaiyanGoku @chimera201
  2. Desmond

    Mumbai's Aruna Shanbaug Dies After 42-year Coma That Followed her Rape

    Glad that she is now free after a life of hell. Source: Mumbai Nurse Aruna Shanbaug Dies After 42-year Coma That Followed her Rape
  3. ico

    Indian grandpa, visiting his son's family in USA, now in hospital, paralyzed after Police beat him

    without any reason. Sad. Grandfather visiting Alabama from India stopped by police while taking walk, left partly paralyzed |
  4. darkv0id

    Indie Game Dev attempts suicide live on

    Not sure if I should post this here or in Technology news, but this the saddest thing I've heard today. [via Reddit] An unconfirmed post on NeoGAF says she is in hospital and recovering. [Single post] [Complete Thread] She was a controversial figure, but still :-(. I hope she gets well.
  5. Tenida

    Fabrice Muamba of Bolton Wanderers club was effectively dead for 78 minutes, says doctor

  6. Tenida

    Fire in Kolkata's AMRI hospital: 55 killed in Kolkata hospital fire

  7. bubusam13

    Rest in devine peace - Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

    End of an era: Bhupen da dies in Mumbai MY OWN THOUGHTS : It was when I was a boy I first seen him singing on stage. I like loud music and not slow ones. So at I thought why people asked him to sing. Are they mad !! I realized my mistake later. 4 years ago, when I truly understood the...
  8. gagan007

    Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi Passes Away

    Legendary cricketer and former Indian captain Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, who was admitted to a prominent city hospital last month following lung infection, passed away on Thursday. Pataudi had been shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where a team of doctors...
  9. Rahim

    A tragic incident of blinding of 66 people in a rural district of Tamil Nadu

    Embarrassment in store for state? Madras HC orders CBI probe 11.03.2011 | 12:50 Chennai A. Shankar The High Court of Madras Thursday ordered CBI investigation into a tragic incident of blinding of 66 people in a rural district of Tamil Nadu. Expressing shock over the incident the High...
  10. Q

    An incident of loss of a USB drive, How to keep important data safe?

    Source: Hong Kong: An incident of loss of a USB drive | A clerk of School of General Nursing of Kowloon Hospital has stored the personal data (name, sex, phone number and email address of some pupils) of around 300 pupil nurses in a personal USB drive for daily contact...
  11. anshul

    Hospital management system using VB 2008 .net

    I want a sample project source code on Hospital Management using VB studio 2008 and dot net........backend sql may be used.....I need It urgently please help... SOS
  12. NucleusKore

    Deadly perfume

    Source: * Thirty-four people went to hospital and dozens were treated for sickness after strong perfume was sprayed by a woman in a Texas bank. Two workers initially complained of having chest pains and headaches. The bank then announced...
  13. D

    video conferencing over LAN

    hi everybody, need some guidelines regarding videoconferencing over a LAN nwtwork in our hospital. tried using windows media encoder; two problems 1. doesnt seem to work without a net connection on 2. good for only broadcasting. we need two way audio conferencing as well along with one way...
  14. paroh

    Caught speaking Malayalam, Apollo nurses asked to resign

    Tue, May 26 04:10 AM Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals on Monday asked two nurses to submit their resignations for speaking in their "native tongue" inside the hospital premises. The nurses, Jincy Joseph and Lijy Menon (names changed to protect identity) were posted in ICU of the Cardio Thoracic...
  15. amitabhishek

    Court asks techie harassing women to sweep hospital

    This f@ggot was harassing women. Court came with this ingenious idea to teach him this on... Source
  16. iinfi

    Swine flu detected in India: Reports

    Swine flu detected in India: Reports
  17. NucleusKore

    Sick and uninsured in the US

    Source: * BBC North America editor Justin Webb spares a thought for the 15% of Americans without health insurance, after his son needed hospital treatment - and the bills started arriving in the post. The US spends...
  18. NucleusKore

    "Kiss of Deaf"

    Source: * A young Chinese woman was left partially deaf following a passionate kiss from her boyfriend. The 20-something from Zhuhai in Guangdong province arrived at hospital having completely lost the hearing in her left ear, said local...
  19. iinfi

    No help for NSG commando battling acute disorder

    No help for NSG commando battling acute disorder
  20. shift

    Egyptian woman gives birth to septuplets

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