Orkut vs Facebook

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I like Orkut...i tried facebook too...but after using Orkut..it seems Facebook set it's boundaries...and i hate boundaries:))


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Orkut doesn't legally allow any under 18 to join. Okay, any honest under 18! So, the only option I've got is facebook. I do know loads of under 18s who've got orkut accounts though. :twisted:

Nevertheless, I prefer Facebook. I'm not idiotic.
Here's something orkut users will love:-
When Facebook met Orkut
facebook: Hey dude!

Orkut: Vadacum my dear friend, vadacum!

fb: Hey what was that?

O: I just shifted base to India. So just trying to Indianize myself!

fb: Yeah I can smell the curry and chicken tikka tandoori already.

O: Hey you know we launched the much awaited Application feature on Orkut recently.

fb: Huh!

O: And we’re constantly adding more features every day.

fb: Oh! You mean new bugs everyday!

O: What do you mean bugs?

fb: I mean those tiny new things you call ‘features’, you add these things every single day and most of these are just bugs!

O: You’re just j….j…..jealous….oh wait…Bad Bad Server! No donuts for you! No No!

fb: There you go again!

O: Alright! I’m fine now! You see I’m still in Beta!

fb: You’ve lived in beta. You’ll die in beta Orkut!
Tee hee hee!


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Facebook is faaaaaaaaaaaaar better...but most of my friends and relative are at orkut :D...so i dont use facebook much


I used orkut but since most of my friends are in facebook, I switched to Facebook and deleted my Orkut account. Also, I kept stumbling into Portuguese groups in Orkut.


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facebook looks better, but ive got all my frens in orkut... and orkut aint bad either...
gets the job done... keep everyone in touch.


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Both have their pros and cons in various aspects. Facebook has much better site design with flexible and well thought extensibility feature. But again, it seems i am getting overloaded (bombarded?) by irrelevant information being sent by useless application that some find helpful. There are millions of them already over there.

Orkut has a very simplistic design with adequate personal space and I never feel being infringed of my privacy here. Almost all of my friends are available on orkut and is great for making new friends or keeping in touch with family and pals.

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