1. D

    What will be next change?

    Hi all! This is my very first post! I want to know what will happen next after whatsapp revolution? I have seen massage boards went slowdown (not this one!):-) due to Orkut. Orkut is going to be melt next month, reasons are FB and whatsapp (?) However, Blogging and twitting is parallel...
  2. Ankit07

    Android browser fo new orkut

    I tried dolphin browser hd,opera mobile,skyfire 4,miren,UC browser,firefox & orkut application(latest which supports comm.) Only dolphin hd after changing user agent to desktop mode able to reply sometimes in comm. & many times a new tab opens when I try to type something in reply box! I...
  3. borax12

    Facebook vs Google plus-great take

    not an orginal content from me.Took it off from this blog post Techturning The focus on social networking as a medium of conversation beyond the 'hello dear ' and 'bonjour' took shape when myspcae brought out musical talent through the network and orkut provided a big boost to group...
  4. G

    To know your facebook visitors

    Is there any way to know who all visited your facebook profile like in Orkut
  5. patkim

    Orkut not loading

    Orkut is stuck at approx 85% loading progress bar since today evening. I have tried with IE as well as Google Chrome, just checking if others are also getting same issue. I guess it's my Norton antivius that's preventing the loading..unable to figure out why !
  6. go4saket

    Problem with friendlist in Orkut & Gtalk

    Hello friends! I had been using gtalk to communicate with all my Orkut friends but recently I marked that none of my orkut friends are there in my gtalk list. I ten logged into my gmail account to check my contacts and to my surprise, all my contacts were gone. Then I logged into my Orkut...
  7. S

    Internet problem

    I m able to access any gmail account. But i m not able to access any orkut through orkut.com or via gmail
  8. S

    My Gmail is compromised

    hi, Yesterday I received a mail from one of my orkut friends. A link to see some photos. I am usually careful about clicking on links in meial but this mail came from my friend (I thought so) and it was pointing at orkut. I clicked on it. It redirected me to orkut page. I logged into orkut...
  9. Rajneesh

    How to check- who has added my Youtube videos on Orkut Video

    I have uploaded videos on my YouTube Account/Chanel Is there any way to know - Who has added my videos on Orkut (Videos) or is there any way to know where my videos are linked?
  10. CA50


    Is it true that one cannot dwnld pics from orkut?
  11. krishnandu.sarkar

    How to synchronize between Facebook and Orkut??

    Hi friends.....I'm member of both facebook and orkut. Now my query is if I upload a album in Orkut can it be automatically synchronized with facebook and vice-versa?? Actually I've uploaded many photos in Orkut(1yr ago) and now I dont remember where I kept thos edited photos tat I uploaded...
  12. Dr.tweaker

    how to change gmail id without deleting the account

    i want to change my gmail id without deleting it,,is is possible to do so,,my orkut account is also registered with that ID ,,so will i have to delete my orkut account too?
  13. panacea_amc

    orkut in opera mini

    hello all, can any1 tell me how can i view orkut communities in opera mini? thanks.
  14. anzaan

    orkut and gmail doesnt opens!!!

    hi guys.. i have this problem and i hv tried searchng in google for references bt no help. I am using hathway connctn in bangalore and am not able to open orkut and gmail.com i chckd my firewall and its off and m nt blckng any sites. gmail opens sometimes so does orkut but most of the times...
  15. A

    Windows Live Planet - Social Network from Microsoft

    Read the Article Facebook’s gaining momentum, Orkut remains to be a leader and Microsoft wants a piece of pie:lol: Website: *wlplanet.com/
  16. pr.itdude

    Chrome or Kaspersky problem.........???

    Hi guyz........ currently im facing a weird kind of problem...... Orkut, yeah only orkut is getting very very slow on my browser, Chrome (and i have 2Mbps connection).........but works smoothly on other browser.......firefox n opera...... Both orkut n chrome are google's product.......so...
  17. Pragadheesh

    How to change orkut account

    Hi, I have to gmail ids, consider primary@gmail.com and secondary@gmail.com. I use the secondary gmail id to log into my orkut account. Now i want to change it to primary gmail id. i.e i want to log into orkut using my primary@gmail.com id. How can i do this.?
  18. T

    Orkut bug or something else?

    This is what I saw when I logged in to my orkut account I open orkut using Firefox on Fedora or Opera Mini on mobile. So no chance of virus in computer. Something wrong with Orkut or OperaMini servers?
  19. thetechfreak

    Orkut vs Facebook

    Which one do you think is better? Orkut or Facebook
  20. Rockstar11

    Gabbar Singh's Orkut Profile

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