1. F

    #deletefacebook says whatsapp co-founder !!!!

    Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp, late on Tuesday asked users to “delete” the social media platform, Facebook, amid alleged data leakage of its users for political purposes. Delete Facebook, says WhatsApp co-founder amid Cambridge Analytica scandal This movement initiated from US.. but...
  2. nac

    [Help] How to effectively use all the desktop screen space in Facebook?

    I have tried google many a times, I couldn't find a solution. It was still the same when I was using 1440x900 screen, now with full HD screen there is more blank space. How can we set the screen so that newsfeed occupies those blank space? Is there any way we can do? or That is how it is...
  3. R

    Routing LAN traffic to another IP

    In our office we have a LAN setup which is firewalled but a single system has an open IP, meaning there are no restrictions with respect to browsing. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter opens without any firewall filtering and all other systems connected to the LAN network has restrictions. How do i...
  4. kool

    How to deactivate FACEBOOK more than 7 days ? :(

    Hi guys, I am wasting too much time on facebook, I want to deactivate for more than 7 Days (till diwali), but now there is no such option. :( It gets reactivated after 7 days, what If I use other option to deactivate , will it delete my account permanently ? At present i have deactivated...
  5. Desmond

    Zuckerberg Is Dictator of The World's Largest Nation, Pirate Bay Founder Says

    Source: Zuckerberg Dictator of World's Largest Nation, Pirate Bay Founder Says - Fortun
  6. swatkats

    #SayNoToFreeBasics - What Facebook won't tell you about FreeBasics

    WHAT FACEBOOK WON’T TELL YOU 1 -There are other successful models (this, this, this) for providing free Internet access to people, without giving a competitive advantage to Facebook. Free Basics is the worst of our options. 2 -Facebook doesn’t pay for Free Basics, telecom operators do...
  7. rickenjus

    After denial, Government confirms Ankit Fadia is brand ambassador for Digital India

    Source For those who don't know who Ankit Fadia is and why he is being criticised read this. And read this to see how is he being mocked at twitter.. And yes someone has put up a petition asking his removal on change.org. LINK
  8. mati17

    Please Advice Me on Xiaomi's "Mi Redmi 2"

    Dear All, Want to buy a smartphone under 7K. Some one suggested me to buy Xiaomi's "Mi Redmi 2" online thru flipkart. I found it on flipkart but got double minded by reading one of the following review about the phone : Hardware : Camera : Works fast. Best for the price Processor ...
  9. Ricky

    [Want to Buy] Facebook page on general topic with 5k plus likes

    I am looking to be admin of a Facebook page with general subject, humor , fun or anything. Page should have atleast 5K likes. Please give details only in PM including page links . MODS: If this is against rules then please let me know. PS: Its not necessarily about buying a page, there are...
  10. rohitshakti2

    Securing Facebook account

    Hi friends, I want to know how to secure my facebook account from hackers as recently one of my friend FB account was hacked and the hacker put nude pics on his facebook. Secondly, I just checked my FB a/c from another person's account and found that all my posts & details could be viewed by...
  11. patkim

    How can I prevent facebook app from running in background?

    Does anyone know how to prevent Facebook from running in background on Android phone. On Redmi 1S no matter what I do it keeps coming back and hogs 50MB of RAM. As a last option I plan to uninstall the same, however before that checking if there's any remedy, pl. help. Thx.
  12. truegenius

    disguise yourself as facebook official page and comment on official page

    hey there, i was browsing facebook and saw that someone is using a technique to look exactly like official page in comment section of that official page dows anybody know about this trick ? here is an example post link...
  13. rhyansy

    Witcher 3 Promotion from MSI on specific Gaming Notebooks!

    Get a FREE Witcher 3 NOW, when you buy MSI Gaming NBs in India! Visit MSI India Notebook Facebook page for more info! (https://www.facebook.com/MsiIndiaClub)
  14. S

    Moto G2 vs Galaxy S3 Neo

    1. Budget? A. 13k 2. Display type and size? A. 4.8" < 5 ". Max is 5" Not anymore. 3. Dual sim? A. Fine with both single and dual sim. 4. Preferred choice of brand? A. Only tier 1 brands like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, HTC 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)...
  15. Vyom

    Facebook is the new AOL, Google is new Microsoft, Qualcomm is new Intel ...

    Facebook is the new AOL Google is the new Microsoft; Qualcomm is the new Intel Apple is the new Sony Buzzfeed is the new Yahoo .... Read this, fun article with some great insights: http://www.theverge.com/2015/1/4/7488495/facebook-is-the-new-aol
  16. GhorMaanas

    'Go Ghost' settings on facebook

    Hello! since August, i have stopped logging in to facebook to check updates & posts. however, i now wish to check updates on a few groups that am a member of, as well as join a few more. but i don't want to leave any footprint for my friends or/and acquaintances to notice, as i want to avoid...
  17. RBX

    Requesting vote for Digit/TP-LINK contest

    A competition is being held in which top three entries get TP-LINK routers. I feel bad about inboxing friends for votes, and unfortunately people outside India can't vote on this. So, if you have a Facebook account, consider voting for my entry https://apps.agorapulse.com/go/36816/39383/636884...
  18. Skyh3ck

    Indian Language support on Windows 7, Linux, Facebook How to type ????

    hi friends how can i install indian languages on my linux and windows 7 computer mainly gujarati, Hindi and marathi languages and how can then i type in those languages on facebook and online forums
  19. TechnoBOY

    activated idea facebook pack by mistake

    hello i just activated my facebook messenger pack for idea by mistake my 31 rs i gone i called cc and they told to dial *800*25# i dialed and the itz deactivated but my money was not refunded :-?:-x is there any way to get back my money
  20. rhyansy

    Fnatic and MSI Promotional Event

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyL0NHbzTZ4 MSI is pleased to invite Patrik from Fnatic to unbox GE60 with us! Now you have chance to win a Steam wallet card $50 and 3 Steelseries Qck mass mousepad after watching the video! Just simply follow the steps below: 1. Reply this post with one of...
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