Nokia versus Sony Ericsson

which is better?

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naveen_reloaded said:
i said i didnt understand the hindi part of urs.....and more over i cant understand wht u are meaning to intend me with the word "DEBATE"

i just said ..until this thread is closed by the MOd...we will DISCUSS......
any problem???

Debate -- Discuss one and the same thing bro No problems whatsoever....


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kumarmohit said:
@ aryaush (post - 437)

ok lets forget Bose but even the HS3 hedset is good enuf to equalise any SE headset in quality if you have used one i peak because I have heard the same song on both HS3 headset and the one that comes standard with K700i and W800i well perfomance of all was almost at par with K 700i a slight lower than W800i of course W800i is a walkman fone so surely it will perform better then K700i but of course i have always said that performance will always vary from circumstances to circumstances.
And if u think janta is - wat u said - then and if u say that N91 is a useless and stupid product without even trying it first Bro I think u r acting Arindam Chaudhary (Counting the chickens before they hatch)

As for most of the SE fones looking better then Nokia well dear beauty lies in the eye of beholder true some Nokia models are downright ugly but this does not mean that all SE fone are beauty queens both companies have some good designs and both have done designing disasters too

My point is that wat seems good to you will seem bad to me because it does not fulfill my demands for example I can read ebooks on any S60 device from Nokia but to do so on SE fone I have to buy P990 or 910i which are frankly out of my reach If SE is able to bring P990's price in my buying capacity and fulfills my requirements I will be more than happy to embrace it.

So for every person and every circumstance the better product and better company keeps on varying. It may be Nokia for me and SE for you today It may change to Palm for you and O2 for me tommorow..
Though I might indeed disagree with you on certain points, I genuinely appreciate your thinking (or in other words, your logic). I still vouch for Sony Ericsson but it is true that there might be a Nokia product in the near future that might entice me to buy it (though it would take an exceptionally brilliant phone to do so). As of present, Sony Ericsson is far better than Nokia for me and Nokia is slightly better than Sony Ericsson for you (at least that's what I have concluded from your posts) - and there's nothing to debate about it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and choices. :)


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SONY ERICSSON... ALL THE WAY A WINNER... want to know why...ask phones hang a lot, come in bulkier designs, have a poor sound quality and are definately more expensive...
SONY ERICSSON on the other hand are sleek and have that wonderful screen clarity, good sound, and are cheap.

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I remember that Nokia was the winner on time, in the polls.

But things have changed and you got to accept the facts.


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Aha, I swear on Martian heaven, Sony Ericsson rulz! They're cuter, faster, robust! Nokias are slow, and also prone to Virus attacks cos it uses Symbian! I don't think this normally happens with a SE, cos it executes only Jar files! And I believe Java doesnt allow direct memory access.. and so no Viruses!


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guys wanted to ask something....

one of my friend is interested in buying nokia n91 so can u tell me wats the latest price of nokia N91 and does it include the bose headphones which are displayed in the advertisment

what about the realistic comparison b/w n91 audio quality and sony walkman series...?

thx in advance...



prankie said:
coz u never tried a smartphone thats why u were stuck with SE....
SE phones are good, specially there UI, specially when compared with series40 nokia phones, but series60 phones frm nokia are completly different breed...
try any of 'em, u'll really like 'em....

why i have not used a smart phone????
cause i do not use the functionalities of the smart phone...i have seen many buying these smart phones and boasting about the functions while not using any of its functions.
see nokia makes many such things and lot many dont even use thoes functions ...thats were sony comes ...... :)...its for the people who really know what to buy people who think and see what their phone sholud be ...i will give 100/100 for sony...cause they know what they are doing...
unlike nokia just pumping tech. unwantedly.

SE RULZ ALWAYS.............:)


alienspiesu said:
i heard ppl here supportin SE a lot.. but i say xcept for features @ a low price .. wat else they got???? the ans is NUTHIN...
NOKIA roks in all aspects.. the make .. aftr buyin services,, n for the latest buZZ..
is thre ne fone wich can even come closer to N-91 wit a BOSE headfone...
ha ha NOKIA is light years ahead of SE..
in the end NOKIA roks..

well well....features at low price said it is what u should opt for.....are u sure that in this fast tech age u are going to stick with a phone for long time
u stick with some ting that provides features at low price .....:)
at least thats what i will stick on to .....i am no rich person dude...


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gosh this topic is still on i just dun b'lieve...

newez some facts launched N80 wit 3.2 mp camera which by far is the highest resolution cam.....but se got in act again wit 3 mp camera k800i n ruined nokia n80 by beating it hands down yet u c SE 3mp cam beats nok 3.2mp and is always d case...

ive always thought of going wit nokia but always land up wit se finding it in better price, more features, better quality....ya theres durability issue where nokia gets it but erricson r also offering better durabilities than b4....ok not as good as noks but i really dun have to play baseball wit my cell so i can manage this issue...



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rajasekharan said:
why i have not used a smart phone????

unlike nokia just pumping tech. unwantedly.

SE RULZ ALWAYS.............:)

U must not b using tech,but 4 many of us ,it is the best.


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Najesh said:
U must not b using tech,but 4 many of us ,it is the best.

well i think the polling sez it all how many of us prefer it....

"i rem i was a die hard fan of intel...infact i also started threads of intel vs amd...i own a pentium 4 cpu....used to debate a lot in favour of intel against amd....but i did wen this was d soon as i became aware of d fact that amd had taken over i was smart enuf to go wit d better now though i own intel i wud give it to amd for faster, better n cheaper cpu...
but u still see many of non-tech ppl dun even know amd but they very much remember intel pentium...if they wud get a pc they certainly go for intel...many ppl even today go wit intel despite it is much better option to hv its oponent...."

similarily, SE r also performing now ahead of thru n see the sale reports is highly appreciated for coming up n nearly equilising (or may even took over) nokia... but still in india many ppl dun know n dun even think of se just coz they r not tech enuf....i had so many debates wit my frnds in this n all they cud justify is by sayin "cmon yaar, nokia is nokia and is d best"....but they cant prove thier point...even they r not tech savy

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actually for most of us...........plain vanilla mobile phone serves more than nokia is very popular as it is very cheap ... and as it came first some people even understands mobile phone means nokia ........... like my mom didnt allowed me to buy any phone other than nokia ya what ET told is very true Nokia:- in terms of features and popularity
Sony Ericksson:- In music and camera

Now I am going to buy my 4 th mobile ...can anyone tell me the latest price of n6600 and SEw550i ??
I heard previously n6600 was 9k now price dropped and SE w550i was around 12k its has a price drop tooo


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hellomotto...cant u checkout Motorola V3i or V3x ? V3i is 13.5 or 14 k, i dont know about the availability of V3x _which has a much bigger screen.


Cool it man SE might be soo good that it might cure world food problems but this does not mean that you should shout it here....u can try typing in a lower font size with Caps lock turned off its a good idea you know...
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