1. savithk

    Good Assemble computer dealers in Ahmedabad

    Any from ahmedabad iam looking for Good Assemble computer dealers in Ahmedabad .planing to buy new upgraded PC . budget & time is NOT finalized yet . most probably i want to go for only intel i3-7100 or i3-6100 + 16 GB DDR4-2400 + 2 TB HDD + 128 /256 GB SSD (optional) + graphics card future...
  2. lywyre

    Authorised MRF Tyre Dealers in Chennai

    Hi there, I want to change rear tyre for my Yamaha SS125 (Gladiator). (Zapper C 3.00-18) I want to know the address of authorised MRF Tyre dealers in Chennai that also changes the tyres at premise. Thank you.
  3. L

    Where can buy this laptop ?

    Hi I have researched enought o like this machine. ASUS UX501. However I'am unable to find it. Please help me locate as to where may I find this system online. Dealers say it will take around 15 days. Thanks
  4. N

    Assembling a new PC rig in Mumbai-from dealers

    Hi I have been reading the various configs posted in various posts. Do these dealers in Lamington Road in Mumbai assemble the pc also I mean I can take a suitable config or a config after posting my requirements and buy and get it assembled from the shop where all the components are bought. Is...
  5. avtar2008

    free docomo 3g in haryana(not a spam)

    tata docomo is giving all free 3g internet in haryana and punjab (and may be in other states also). I (and all my friend) were getting 3g speed on all 2g packs since last week. All need to be done is recharge from only (recharge from other sites like and dealers is...
  6. H

    APC Dealers in Mumbai

    Can someone suggest me APC dealers in Mumbai - online/offline. I want to buy either BE700Y-IN or BE650Y-IN Thanks
  7. A

    need info

    i want to buy ath pro700mk2, i have searched all over audio stores in India but got no luck. if anybody knows any website that provides these or ATH dealers then it would be really of great help.
  8. S

    What do you say...Worth the risk ?

    Check this ebay listing guys.... Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman About Rs 2300 less than flipkart etc (with dealer's warranty though, obviously) I'd like to know ur opinion.. That (10600) is about the maximum I'll be able to stretch my budget (10000 originally). So, if I don't consider this...
  9. D

    NZXT & Seasonic availability in Hyderabad ?

    Hi guys, could anyone please tell me where i can get NZXT cabinets & Seasonic psu's in hyderabad. Most of the dealers say they never heard of these brands.
  10. C

    Expctations from AsRock

    AsRock International-* I don't think so any Introduction is Needed. Company who never able to Grab Indian Market till date like their other Markets across Globe is set to Restart their Journey in Few months....weeks might possible The thing is Market Division...
  11. I

    D-Link ADSL Router Purchase Query

    I intend on purchasing an ADSL router. With the Router Test in the July 2011 issue as my reference, i have decided on the D-Link DSL2750U. The price indicated in the Router Test is Rs 1699. I inquired with a few local dealers but i have been quoted between Rs 2500 to Rs 2850 :shock: Where...
  12. ancientrites

    Attention to all Bangaloreans and Mangaloreans

    To mangalorean and bangalorean digitians It has come to my notice that some of you didn't like my comments on your pc suppliers.But in fact it was you guys who said you weren't happy with your respected dealers after sales services..etc and everyone must be cautioned.So in favor i had...
  13. K

    Compro dealers in India?

    Hi.. I'm planning to buy a compro tv tuner card and am not able to find any information on their authorised dealers here in chennai.. in their USA website.. Anybody any idea? Info. on their service center's locally would also be helpful.. Thanks..
  14. A

    need officesuite for nokia 5230

    Hi All, Grabbed this mobile yesterday for 8300/-. Got this mobile from a small shop as the mobile was unavailable with most of the big dealers and NPD. The mobile doesnt come with any office suite installed. please suggest some full and free office suite(link) for this mobile. Thanks
  15. P

    Is this deal worth it's salt

    * Planning to buy a LCD TV,,IS this model good enough,,what are the +s and -s,, And secondly,,Since Iam not located in Delhi,,I wont get the 1 year dealer's warranty
  16. G

    Budget range LCD television

    could anyone suggest me a good LCD television for a price range of 35k-40k.....i want a 32" ore above screen??which one should i opt,panasonic,sony or samsung??? my local dealers say its better to buy sharp..could any one help me?
  17. G

    nvidia dealers in india

    can anyone provide me the contact details of nvidia dealers in south india.i want their phone number and email id....please help me.
  18. H

    Nehru Place, any good dealers??

    Hii guys!! I'll be going to Nehru Place to check out my graphics card and psu. I don't exactly know a dealer there so wanna suggest some good dealers to me???
  19. chicha

    test drive ultimate help

    (PC Game) How on earth do i buy a bike, it says that i have to discover all the car dealers there i did, but it stil does not let me enter, then on some site i read that i need to go into all of them, i make 3 rounds of all the car dealers and still am not able to get into any of the bike...
  20. arunks

    Has Mic-r0$0ft started raids on dealers selling non genuine 0ff|CE SU|T

    Is this true... As i heard that 7-8 computer dealers were caught in the city for this....? So u should start using the original
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