1. bssunilreddy

    Full HD LED TV under 60K

    Hai, I want to buy a Full HD TV. Here are my requirements: 1. Budget: 60K Max, 2. Display type and size: Full HD LED TV, 3. The primary use of TV/Monitor? 100% as Primary TV 4. Ports Required: HDMI [At least 2 of it], USB, Ethernet/Wi-Fi would be great, 5. Preferred choice of brand...
  2. T

    TV under 80K

    Hi, I want to buy TV under 80K. Since I don't know much about new technologies in TV, I have decided to ask advice here. 1. Budget? 80,000/- 2. Display type and size...
  3. patkim

    Have to make a choice between Voviinet & Spectranet

    Hi, I have to make a choice between Vovinet & Spectranet broadband. These are the only two operating in my building in Pune region. Both have received very poor reviews on public review forums. And both are demanding quarterly payments in advance! If there are any users of these ISPs on this...
  4. S

    24inch monitor - 16:10 ratio

    1. Budget? - 20K 2. Display type and size? - 24 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? - Work only - Using 3d modelling softwares - Maya, 3ds Max, Zbrush etc. Reading. No Gaming or movies 4. Ports Required? - Mini Display port (will be good to have, since my graphics card has these only, So...
  5. I

    Multi Grooming Kit

    Hello everyone. :wave: I am very keen on purchasing an appropriate multi grooming kit, which will serve the purpose of hair removal/trim; primarily on the chest, from the armpits and importantly, below the hip (if you catch my drift!). :blush: :sealed: I have looked at the Philips QG3387/15...
  6. B

    Going to buy Onida LEO40FSAIN is it a good choice..?

    hi i am planning to buy Onida LEO40FSAIN Onida LEO40FSAIN/LEO40FAIN 101 cm Full HD Smart: Electronics it costs rs 36990. is it a good choice? is there any other brand i can buy for around 38000 rs. please reply as soon as possible. Many thanks in advance.. 1. Budget? 35000 to...
  7. ruturaj3

    Suggestions for 50 inch HD TV

    1. Budget? 60k - 70k 2. Display type and size? LED 48"-50" 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Mostly watching SD / HD Channels, watch HD movies from external HDD. Occasionally I will hook up PS4. 4. Ports Required? Standard 5. Preferred choice of brand? LG >> Samsung >>...
  8. Tenida

    Expert suggestion for buying LED TV

    1. Budget? 33K (max) 2. Display type and size? 32 inch-42inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? TV, Console gaming and watching movies 4. Ports Required? min 2 HDMI, 1USB (two will do wonder :P ) 5. Preferred choice of brand? Premium (samsung, Lg and Sony), budget brand (VU) 6. Any TV/monitor...
  9. V

    Need a new wifi modem for Bsnl BB

    I need a new wifi modem for taking new bsnl BB connection. Wat would be the best choice??
  10. C

    Need advice on - Best 42 inch TV available in market

    Hi Guys, Planning to buy a 42 inch LED TV 1. Budget? If any good under 50K will do...can increase it by 10K. Still prefer under 50K 2. Display type and size? 42 inch and full HD. Display not good at it, but should be something should not strain eyes and have good viewing angles and...
  11. reddick

    HP LaserJet Pro P1108 : Should I go for it?

    Hi There, My printing needs are only casual ones and I want a black and white printing laserjet device. I have found the said printer at for Rs. 6570 . Plz suggest me that is it a right choice? And what about it's service and warranty availability ... My budget is between Rs. 5000...
  12. masterkd

    Floorstanding speakers for TV

    One of my friend is looking for floorstanding speakers. Budget: Rs. 8000 - 9000 He is thinking to buy F&D T80U. F&D T80U | Best Sound Bar | Surround Sound System Please suggest if the choice is good as I am unable to find many reviews also is there anything else to consider.
  13. A

    PC monitor for Movies/gaming

    Posting this on behalf of a friend 1. Budget? - 10 to 15k 2. Display type and size? - Preferably 24 inch or bigger 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? - Movies, some gaming like WoW, Dota 2 4. Ports Required? - Alteast 1 HDMI 5. Preferred choice of brand? - None 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? 7...
  14. TheHumanBot

    [Suggetions] Full Music Albums

    Guys, Suggestions for listening to not one particular song but the whole must must listen albums of your choice any genre? Thank you :D
  15. jaimin100

    16gb sandisk pd stoped detecting

    hello mates,while i was formating(full) there is some intuption in that,and mg popup that unable to format pd,after that it is not detectected in my pc or in my phone via otg cable shall i throw it away? or any sollution? right now in oman so i dont think so i have choice to go to service...
  16. L

    Advice for 32 inch LED TV please.

    1. Budget? 25-30K 2. Display type and size? 32 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Day to day channels and FHD movies watching 4. Ports Required? USB and HDMI 5. Preferred choice of brand? None 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? None 7. Any other info that you want to share. I...
  17. SaiyanGoku

    Questionnaire for TV/Monitor purchase queries

    1. Budget? 2. Display type and size? 3. What will the TV/monitor be used for primarily? 4. Types and number of ports required? 5. Preferred choice of brand? 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? 7. Any other info that you want to share.
  18. L

    Samsung tab 4(7") or Huwaei honor 3c??

    1. Budget: 10-15K 2. Display type and size: Minimum 5" for mob and 7" is all i will get in tab ;) 3. Dual sim: doesnt matter 4. Preferred choice of brand: No such choice though will prefer which has scope of android update 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera): doesnt...
  19. G


    Hey guys. Planning to buy an SSD. Have thought of Kingston SSDNow KC380 60GB. I hope I have made a good choice. Please help!
  20. P

    Computer reboots frequently - Please suggest a good CVT or UPS

    Dear friends, I bought a new desktop last September. During the winter it was working perfectly on a Numeric 1000VA UPS. But, from start of summer, when quality of electricity became worse, the UPS is not able to manage these frequent voltage fluctuations. My computer restarts 2/3 times in a...
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