1. evil_maverick

    Slow data copy speed over home wifi network..

    hello every 1, needed some quick adv, am using a ASUS RT N1 3U B1 (with ddwrt firmware)..everything is working fine..but.when ever I try to copy and paste files from my fone to the comp..I get reallly low arnd 600 to 700 this normal? using win 7 ultimate..64bit.. thanks..
  2. A

    hTC xplorer issue

    guys plz help me. I have rooted my xplorer but every thing is on stock. few days back I got the problem i.e. 1. when I on the loudspeaker ,during fone calls, it works but when I try to off it didn't go to normal state. while on screen icon behaves normal. 2. am using downloaded stock ROM...
  3. coolnikhil

    Need a QWERTY fone under 7k

    hey guyz... I need a fone for me... I already owe a Samsung Galaxy S so no need of any android showbiz. I need a QWERTY fone for particularly used for chatting between my college classes and dual sim phone would be preferable but no a strict requirement and. a good battery backup would be nice...
  4. kaz

    In-ear earphones buying help.....

    I need a earphone for around 800rs. I will be using it with my fone n my lappy both (see my signature).... So it should work for both because some earphones like that of Nokia doesnt works niether on my fone nor on my laptop.... I have sorted SoundMagic PL21 and Logitech UE 100.... But...
  5. E

    mobile dilema

    hey guys right now i own a bb 9900.but there are some problems in it like browser doesn't load pages in edge mode.there are not much apps available.i want to buy new phone.the new fone should allow me to surf without any glitch and it should be fast.i will use the fone for listening to...
  6. coolnikhil

    Best Mobile under 15-17K bucks

    hie... I am looking for a fone within 15,000 to 17,000 bucks.. I want to use my fone generally for messaging around 350 messages a day. and around 2 hours of net surfing and 5-6 hours of music.. plz anyone suggest me a good fone, android would be preferable. Thanks in advance...
  7. evil_maverick

    Nexus s or Desire s or Neo or Milestone 2

    hey ppl, torn betn the 4 of em.... g2 get a nu fone ....has to be " Android " but which 1 ??? :( so confused....
  8. iinfi

    sync contacts between two Nokia Symbian fones

    hi all.. i have an E63 and a N97 mini. is there a software to sync contacts effectively between the two fones. eg. if i add/update a contact in one fone it sud be replicated in the second fone and vice versa without the use of a third party software ... like ovi suite etc
  9. icebags

    ** General thread for "Dual SIM" mobile phone suggestions **

    Moderator edit: All right, this is now the general thread for "dual SIM" mobile suggestions. Here is how i use mobile: i hate charging it, therefore want something that can go at least 15 days at one charge. i normally keep the fone switched off in the night. i don't talk much in...
  10. coderunknown

    What a fone

    this fone was announced in 2009 so it maybe old news for many but for the rest who haven't seen or know about it. just check the pic & click on the link below: Link: ZTE S302 if you visit the link (which points to GSM Arena), please don't forget to click on the "related" button...
  11. I

    camera fone under 7k

    hello everybody i wanna get a new camera fone (must be minimum 3mp autofocus with gud flash and great video recording) along with 3g under 7k so after a long hunt i found sony ericcson c510. question is tat is tis fone gud in terms of java applications support?(like nokia) also does tis fone...
  12. Zangetsu

    Please Help I Lost my Cell

    :wah::wah::wah::wah: My cell fone is stolen 2day morning in BEST bus..... ples help will i b able 2 get it..... i dont if mumbai police will help me...
  13. panacea_amc

    which is the Best fone for Office work?

    hello, i am looking for a fone which: 1. can handle files such as .CHM, .PDF, .PDB, .DOC files in it..(it shud handle PDF files over 200 MB easily and it shud not hang up!!) 2.10GB external memory if possible... 3. big screen size... 4. price is within 20K.. i guess if am not asking too...
  14. D

    Help..Best fone arnd 5000???

    My Bro wana to buy new fone arnd 5000. Please suggest which is the best fone arnd 5000 with all in one features & good battery backup. Budget is only upto 5000 or can be increased tightly only upto 500/-. Pls reply me soon ...he has to buy it on coming Sunday....pls reply soon
  15. K

    Need ur suggestion

    i currently own a 5320xm i need to purchase another fone cos i have two sim cards my budget is 10k approx i really wanna try out a touchscreen fone , plus atleast one of my fones shud be a smartfone so do i keep the 5320xm and additionally buy a samsung star/lg cookie OR do i sell my...
  16. frederick_benny_digit

    Lame ass phone needed for 5k :P

    Sry bout the title...but my friend has been beggin me to ask my "good pals" at digit forums (i always boast how this forum helped me get the best deals at everything :D) to suggest a good fone for arond 5k (he lost his fone AGAIN!!). a little bit of a good looker with decent music...
  17. visor619

    N81, the Truth...(the Nokia VS SE battle)

    Hey everyone!!! Most of u must b familiar wid my previous thread bout the n81.. if nt,check this I'l continue from where i hd left in the previous thread. So,after considering everyone's opinions, i set out to see for myself the truth...
  18. K

    N-series gallery on s60v3

    hi have a 5320 and i have a lot of pics on my fone ... not happy with the built in gallery .... i have tried image exchange : its decent but few minor issues ... still browsing thru pictures is not fun the new nokia image browser: its great but the only problem is that each time i start it ...
  19. sharma_atul85

    Nokia 5130 query

    Hello frns I narrowed down my serach 4 a decent fone under budget to Nokia 5130.. I found d features mentioned about this fone quite interesting.. besides I want to use this fone to connect to internet thru my PC activating GPRS.. please suggest howz d speed and internet plans..
  20. T

    Need help on psp

    I want to ask a few questions... 1.What is the current price of the psp? 2.What is the price without bill? 3.I have got 25,000. At first I wanted to buy only a fone from the price (n85).But now I am thinking of the psp.If i do buy it, which is the best symbian fone i can get for the remaining...
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