Need AC for room sized 10 X 14 feet


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Looking to buy AC for bedroom sized 10 X 14 feet. House is in Second floor in the apartment, so it won't be getting too hot like the top floors.

Sales suggested me 3 Star 1.5 ton AC. He said there isn't much difference between power consumption of 3 Star and 5 Star.

I want to also know about maintenance issues, life of the product. General dos and donts.


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guyz plz someone reply.
from what i read in previous threads there are the good brands
Hitachi, O General, Carrier, Volta s and Blue Star.

O General is said to be the best, the 1.5 Ton 3 Star AC costs 39K but the showroom wala says copper pipe costs extra.


Hitachi and O Gernal are the best.Opt for any one among two.
Or can get assembled one too with napoleon kit, that is the same kit that is there in O general but it costs very less.
You are looking for split or a windows AC?


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if budget is limited and Ogeneral and Hitachi doesn't comes in your budget..
go with Carrier.. really worth of buying..
maintenance is low.. but if there is a gas leakage and your AC is out warranty den you have to spend 3k.. this is the online expense after AC purchase that may occur..


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I have heard servicing issues of Hitachi. Blue Star is fine.

He said there isn't much difference between power consumption of 3 Star and 5 Star.

Taking personal interest in prospect, the difference b/w even 1 star and 5 star is nominal. But it really makes the difference if everyone starts using 5 star. Think of saving if 10 million people save 500 bucks annually. That's the real motive and benefit of a 5 star rated product, only if people come over personal interest (read greed).
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