1. jackal_79

    40 - 43 Inch FHD Smart TV For Home Use Within 53K

    Hi, Need some help on buying a smart tv. 1. Budget? Ans: Less than 55 K 2. Display type and size? Ans:Full HD Smart TV between 40 - 43 inch ( My viewing distance will be approx 6 feet) 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Ans:HD Movies, Channels, Sports,Youtube / Prime / Netflix 4. Ports...
  2. S

    Why in India AC tonnage requirement is 3 times that of a USA desert?

    While looking to buy a new AC I searched for many online tonnage calculators. Views: Indian salesmen: With ceiling at 9-10 feet, if you carpet area is 100sqft-->1 ton, 150sqft-->1.5 ton, 200 sqft-->2 ton. To be on safer side by the higher one. Indian tonnage calculator: It mainly...
  3. S

    [Need Suggestions] Non Adsl WiFi router for 1900 sq feet home

    Hey guys, i) Need a good Router for non Adsl broaband connection. ii) Area of the house- 1900 sq feet iii) 6-8 devices to be connected iv) No intention of modding/CFW running on the router BUDGET- 2k I could only find these two as reliable options- 1) TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps Wireless N...
  4. mitraark

    Small AC 9x10 room 1ton 5* or Inverter?

    Need to get an AC for a small room 9x10 and ceiling height of only 6.5 feet 1 ton should suffice I suppose, or can I go further below to 0.75 ? Also, not enough space is there on wall to fit the AC, have only about 1 meter length free space on the left side of the wall. The window occupies...
  5. sandynator

    AC for an small room[110 Sq feet]

    Since last 2-3 yrs till last week we were postponing installation of AC in my parents house as the building was going under re-development (which is delayed now) & there was hardly a space for installing an AC. The entire locality is going through re-development phase & there is lots of air &...
  6. Skyh3ck

    Wifi Range Extendeer or alternative to use in Two house in same locality !!!

    Hello Guys Currently i am using TP Link TL-WR841IN 300 Mbps modemat my home. I have two house in same location just within 30 feet away. The Router is installed in one house and i want to use the wifi in my other house also. I am getting signal in my second house upto till some few feet, but...
  7. Flash

    Giant Holes in Siberia

    Giant holes were discovered in Siberia recently and there has been no determination of how they were created. Initially, one giant hole was discovered in an area of Siberia called “The End of the World,” and two more giant holes have been discovered subsequently. The first hole found is much...
  8. U

    Need help buying an AC for 130 sq feet room

    Hi guys. Need an ac for 130 sq feet room. Room is on the first floor. And walls are not directly exposed to sunlight but roof is. I'm considering getting a 1.2 ton Hitachi ac because of low power consumption. But I'm not sure if 1.2 ton is enough for my room. My budget is 35k max. Please suggest...
  9. M

    32" HD SMART LED TV during GOSF !!

    Hi, I was planning to buy a HD tv, but didn't research much, now with sales going on, I want to have one My requirement inbuilt wifi to play youtube, usb viewing distance 6 feet few options which I saw were Samsung 32F5500 37k LG 32LN571B 31k also suggest whether I should go...
  10. K

    47" or 55" TV for 8 feet max distance ?

    I am planning to get Full HD TV. My max viewing distance would be 8 to 9 feet. Most of the contents would be SD and some in HD. I am confused which one to choose between, a 47" TV or 55" TV. What do you guys think ? TIA
  11. sentacy

    Need a speaker system

    Hi friends, I am new to this section, so please help me with this. My cousin has bought a 42'' inch LG SMART 3D LED TV which have an OPTICAL AUDIO output. I don't have any idea about this so can you please suggest me any audio speakers for the same. The size of the room is 20 feet x 20 feet so...
  12. A

    router range extender

    I need a wifi router range extender for 100 feet around Rs.2500.Please suggest.
  13. theserpent

    Free fall from sky

    Hey guys check this out,Mods if this is the wrong place please move the thread It's live Live Now! - Red Bull Stratos - freefall from the edge of space - YouTube kydiver Felix Baumgartner is aiming to pull off a record-breaking free-fall jump from the edge of space Tuesday, wearing nothing...
  14. A

    Need AC for room sized 10 X 14 feet

    Looking to buy AC for bedroom sized 10 X 14 feet. House is in Second floor in the apartment, so it won't be getting too hot like the top floors. Sales suggested me 3 Star 1.5 ton AC. He said there isn't much difference between power consumption of 3 Star and 5 Star. I want to also know...
  15. S

    Cost of a White Board

    Hi Was wondering how much does a White Board cost, need somewhat around 4 feet by 3 feet squarish type.
  16. sam9953

    Collection of Cables

    Item name: 1 Composite cable - Rs 30 (6 feet) 1 Aux cable - Rs 50 ( 5 feet) 1 USB to USB B-type Cable - Rs 30 (6 feet) Date of purchase: 1.5 year back Reason for sale: Not using it anymore Warranty details: No warranty available Location of Seller: Rohini, Delhi Courier: Speedpost or DTDC...
  17. J

    Why are cameras / camcorders waterproof to certain depth?

    This just came up in my mind, How come cameras / camcorders are waterproof only to a certain depth. Like the Kodak play sport, it says it's waterproof only down to 10 feet or something. What happens if you go lower? Force Factor
  18. Baker

    help me to choose LCD tv size

    i decided to go for sony s series LCD TV , but am confused for choosing between 26 inch and 32 inch in my room maximum viewing distance will be 8-10 feet but mostly we will watch from the distance of 5-7 feet should i go for 32 inch or 26 inch
  19. P

    what are the other business opportunity i can run with a cyber cafe

    I am running a cyber cafe my room sige is (17 feet * 5 feet) but the location is totaly road side. so i am thinking about adding some other business. what are the other business opportunities that i can run with cyber cafe to pull the crowd in my cafe. i am also doing some computer sales and...
  20. patkim

    Range of the Wireless Optical Mouse

    Normally what is the range of the Wireless Optical Mouse? Does it work from a distance of 10 – 12 feet? I have a specific need to handle some basic operations from that distance! When I inquired at one/two places for Logitech, I was told that it’s just one meter i.e. approx 3 – 4 feet. Also I...
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