1. A

    I want to buy 42 inch led tv under 45000

    help me to find 42 inch led tv with best picture quality and great sound, further it should have slim profile good looking, low power consumption and expected long service life... I don't need any technology gimmick except pure tv experience
  2. A

    I want to buy 32 inch led tv under 30000

    help me to find 32 inch led tv with best picture quality and great sound, further it should have slim profile good looking, low power consumption and expected long service life... I don't need any technology gimmick except pure tv experience
  3. S

    how to decrease the power consumption of my PC

    hi all, my PC config is as in my siggy. recently I bought a power meter to check the power consumption of each appliances as power bill was way beyond our normal bill for past 3-4 months, also found out the culprit. I also checked my PC power consumption through it , my PC readings were...
  4. dud3rulz

    High CPU consumption after applying thermal paste!

    Hi guys, I applied Cooler master thermal paste to my CPU and GPU of Dell XPS 15 laptop. Oddly, i noticed a bump in CPU usage than before. At idle my CPU consumption was less than 5% (no programs running). Now it constantly uses above 30% at idle. Also, a USB port stopped working. Can anyone...
  5. nginx

    Suggestion for low power file server build

    I am looking to build a file server on the cheap, preferably within 10k budget excluding hard drives. It just needs to have enough grunt to stream 1080p movies over wifi and keep a single browser tab open to keep my internet logged in. Low power consumption is my key requirement for this...
  6. MetalheadGautham

    Cheap Rig focussed on Power Efficiency for Internet Use

    Hullo, Planning to replace the insides of my Pentium 4 Desktop to reduce insane power bills @ home. It serves following purposes: Browse Internet Check EMail Play songs Watch rented DVD movies Play browser-based online flash games Any recommendations ? Wanna go for Intel Atom or VIA Nano...
  7. A

    Need AC for room sized 10 X 14 feet

    Looking to buy AC for bedroom sized 10 X 14 feet. House is in Second floor in the apartment, so it won't be getting too hot like the top floors. Sales suggested me 3 Star 1.5 ton AC. He said there isn't much difference between power consumption of 3 Star and 5 Star. I want to also know...
  8. RON28

    having a doubt?

    Im going to buy 1GB AMD 7770 graphic for its low power consumption, but if i buy a 2GB 7770 card, then will its power consumption increase or remain same? :|
  9. zacfx05

    lucid virtue..reduce power consumption...?

    hello frnds, will lucid virtue result in lower power consumption when not gaming, how much will it effect fsp whn used in igpu mode. secondly if we are using lv in dgpu will the gpu always work even not gaming...? like a normal mb that dont have lucidvirtue sw after reading other articles i...
  10. M

    Need to know the power consumption to save power when not required.

    Hi guys we all know in few months time Electric bill will be increased near to 100 percentage. So we are in position to save power When needed. So i need you guys to help me and all in the forum to save power when required. So please let me know what would be actual consumption of the power and...
  11. D

    [Want to Buy] Power Consumption Meter(Kill-a-Watt or similar)

    Hi Looking to buy a power consumption meter like kill a watt or similar thing. Anyone selling,kindly lemme know. Thanks
  12. nginx

    Mini Netbook

    Brand doesn't matter but it must be based on Intel Atom processor. Just wanna buy the cheapest & smallest possible mini netbook with extremely low power consumption for downloading purpose. Something like HP mini 110... If anyone has anything to offer for extremely low price, please post here...
  13. rahul18348

    Question about system power consumption?

    For an i5 2400 with H67 motherboard & HD 6870 GPU, would it be advisable to turn off discrete graphics & switch over to intel graphics (via BIOS) when system is not being used for gaming? Would this improve power consumption significantly or is it not worth the effort? Further I also want to...
  14. digibrush

    Lowest consumption monitor

    which is the lowest power consumption 20-22 inch monitor?
  15. S

    Monitoring my systems power consumption

    Hi Folks! Would you know if there is any utility available to chart my systems actual power consumption over a given period of time? Thanks!
  16. J

    Software for monitoring power consumption?

    hi anyone know a software for monitoring power consumtion?
  17. DK7117

    24x7 Internet connection need a secondary download only PC

    I already have a Desktop, right now i underclock it for less power consumption, I need a low power (a cheap system) solution so i can keep it online downloading torrents for 24hours a day 7 days a week that consumes minimum electricity. Dont need a dvd-drive but, wifi/esata either of would...
  18. Flashbang

    New MFD for heavy usage, Suggestions please

    Hey guys I need a new MFD as my earlier one proves to be really costly.I am looking for an HP one. My requirements are :- A large scanner preferably larger than a4 sheets Low ink consumption Ability to make copies without using a computer Photo printing not required Can anyone please suggest...
  19. aytus

    Power consumption of my PC

    hi guys, as all of u know the power situation of india and the power cuts , ive been thinking about running my PC on invertor. actually been doin that occasionally for an hour or so. but i want to know what is the exact power draw of my pc in KW hours. been searchin the net and the forum but...
  20. surinder

    suggest a software for measuring power consumption

    Hello all, I'm looking for a software for measuring power consumption live of my PC even better if it can give stats on all major power consuming parts live individually.
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