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MS update brings PCs to a standstill, driver update causes deactivation

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Something seems to have gone horribly wrong in an untold number of IT departments on Wednesday after Microsoft installed a resource-hogging search application on machines company-wide, even though administrators had configured systems not to use the program.

"The admins at my place were in a flap this morning because Windows Desktop Search 3.01 had suddenly started installing itself on desktops throughout the company," a Reg reader by the name of Rob informs us. "The trouble is that once installed, the indexer kicks in and slows the machines down."

The blogosphere is buzzing with similar reports, as evidenced by postings here, here and here.

"I'm slighly ****ed of [sic] at M$ right now," an admin in charge of 3,000 PCs wrote in a comment to the first aforementioned link. "All the clients have slowed to a crawl, and the file servers are having problems with the load."

A Microsoft spokeswoman said she was looking in to the reports.

According to Reg tipster Rob, Window Server Update Services forced Windows Desktop Services 3.01 on the fleet of machines even though admins had configured their system to install updates only for existing programs and the search program wasn't installed on any machines (well, until then, anyway).

It's been a rough several weeks for managers running Microsoft's auto update services. Last month, bloggers disclosed the existence of a Windows patch that silently and automatically installed itself even on Machines configured not to install updates. Critics cried foul on the principle that users should have absolute control over their machines. They also argued that the stealth update could hamper compliance requirements.

Microsoft said the patch was installed on machines only to make sure Windows Update worked properly in the future. Managers promised to be more transparent in the future.

The revelation that Microsoft is pushing yet more installations not explicitly agreed to by administrators is not likely to sit well with this same vocal contingent. Redmond may want to don the asbestos suits now.

In other stories...

Device driver updates causing Vista to deactivate
After weeks of gruelling troubleshooting, I've finally had it confirmed by Microsoft Australia and USA -- something as small as swapping the video card or updating a device driver can trigger a total Vista deactivation.

Put simply, your copy of Windows will stop working with very little notice (three days) and your PC will go into "reduced functionality" mode, where you can't do anything but use the web browser for half an hour. You'll then need to reapply to Microsoft to get a new activation code.

Just over a month ago I swapped over the graphics card on my Vista Ultimate box. There were some new DirectX 10-based titles out and I couldn’t get the benefit on my old DirectX 9 card. The swap-over went well and I went on my merry gaming way.

Then a few days ago I got a Windows Activation prompt – I had three days to activate Windows or I’d be bumped back to RFM (Reduced Functionality Mode). What the? My copy of Vista was activated, and a graphics card change shouldn’t have triggered deactivation... surely!

I was able to reactivate easily enough, although as the product key was already in use (by me!) I couldn’t reactivate automatically, but had to speak to a Microsoft customer service representative.

In another story....
Vista attacked by 13-year-old virus
A batch of laptops pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium was found to have been infected with a 13-year-old boot sector virus.Those of you with a long memory will vividly recall the year 1994: Nirvana's lead singer Kurt Cobain died, South Africa held its first multi-racial elections, and Tony Blair became leader of the Labour party. Oh, and Microsoft's operating system was the quaint, pre-NT Windows for Workgroups.

But it was a year that also saw the arrival of a boot sector computer virus known as Stoned.Angelina which moved the original master boot record to cylinder 0, head 0, sector 9.It would appear that this teenage virus has not yet been consigned to the history books.

According to Virus Bulletin, the consignment of infected Medion laptops – which could number anything up to 100,000 shipments – had been sold in Danish and German branches of retail giant Aldi.The computers had been loaded with Microsoft's latest operating system Vista and
Bullguard's anti-virus software, which failed to detect and remove the malware.

Although the infection itself is harmless, Stoned.Angelina will undoubtedly have left Microsoft and Bullguard execs blushing with embarrassment about the apparent flaws in their software which allowed an ancient virus to slip through the back door.

On its website Bullguard offered some reassurance to Medion customers hit by the virus:

"Stoned.Angelina is a low-risk boot virus that infects the MBR (Master Boot Record) of hard disks. This is a very old virus. Apart from its ability to spread from computer to computer, it carries no payload (damage) to the systems it infects."

Asked if this means we could see a resurgence of old viruses attacking new operating systems, Verduign said: "This is not so much a wake-up call but more a reminder" and added that it would be impossible to ever "completely eradicate a virus."

They might have made Anti-Virus for VISTA, applications *compatible* with VISTA, but I guess there r some programs that r not hindered by compatibility issues! Thumbs up for VISTA!! :)


die blizzard die! D3?
Changing Video card or installing updated device drivers can Deactivate VISTA.lolzz.Well atleast M$ is innovating never heard before ways of annoying genuine users.Pira*es need not worry scene people will take care of it.lol


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New Windows error message ;)

We found you installed a new video card with out asking us first. Your OS has been deactivated. Buy a new copy of OS. Press any button below to continue.

Yes Yes


Yeah nuthing new. They try their best to give end-users some WOW experience, but....how unfortunate!! Neways Windows is the future, I know it will improve someday!! ;)

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The_Devil_Himself said:
Changing Video card or installing updated device drivers can Deactivate VISTA.lolzz.Well atleast M$ is innovating never heard before ways of annoying genuine users.Pira*es need not worry scene people will take care of it.lol
so what's the problem dude . You don't change graphics cards daily or even wekly , what's the problem if it deactivates , it takes just a click to reactivate and that too it itself reminds you , you just have to click yes to re-activate .


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The_Devil_Himself said:
I don't use Vista I just installed Vista once to check it out.Have you read first post?

Then how can u give your verdict about vista without even using vista?


die blizzard die! D3?
I said it used once and where did I gave my verdict I just said it is stupid of M$ to do this and it will be nothing but a pain in the a&& for legitimate users.
You think only the victims have the right to give verdict?


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Vista is a lie painted colorfully to woe "empty"* users!some brain u'll not stick with it use a mac(if u can afford) or Linux=Superior OS for Ordinary people.
check urself d00dles!

*-where "empty" means people who dont know anything other than windows as operating system and even the term operating system.


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