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Yep, still remember the Starsaber Sword, Skyboom Shield and Requiem Blaster. Combine these and you get the Hydra Cannon.

those names I mentioned were not human sized. They were Decepticons. NOT MINICONS.

Minicons are not another faction...they're another transforming race aligned with either the autobots or the decepticons, depending on whom they form their mental bonds with.

Mini-Con - Transformers Wiki All the minicons from the live action movies are mentioned here.

So those small robots from the movie are first minicon decepticons. And then they align themselves to the autobots in movie #3.

Besides, its a Transformers movie and not some Salman Khan/Ajay Devgn over action cr@p , you need to mention about the weapons and attacks. Hollywood has already damaged the reputation of some really good Anime/Marvel/DC characters like Goku (DB Evolution), SM (SM Returns), Hulk, Thor (made them look much weaker then they should've been), etc.

So you want a live action movie that behaves like power rangers? :lol:

This isn't a cartoon, where exaggerated expressions are an integral part of the effect.

And like I said, you're attacking the movies with really absurd claims that they do not follow your so-called anime. It is an american IP owned by hasbro and TakaraTomy since inception and almost all TV shows are completely american funded.

Your so called anime is the one that actually deviates from the history. In fact, even minicons were first introduced in the Unicron trilogy. They were added to generation 1 and beast wars through comics much later. So you can see that Michael Bay *did* actually take your so called anime into consideration.

Luffy, you should really watch generation 1 and the real anime extension of generation 1, followed by generation 3 (beast wars era). Generation 2 is actually a generation 1 rerun with edits. You will realize that your argument about not following the originals is baseless.

Take a look at the timeline I had posted previously.


Raincoat (2004)

i dont know how many people have watched this one but its a good movie, its how the real life romance is,

if you like shitty romantic movies from $hahrukh Khan, it may not appeal you

Very good movie indeed, I still listen to songs of this movie.


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Just saw 'The Devil's Advocate' (1997)

Very good movie.. Must watch.

7.4 IMDB rating

It's got Al Pacino in it, need I say more??
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Shaun Of the Dead - 8.5/10 The Combo of Wright + Pegg works great one of the best zombie movie I have seen , very good comedy over all a fun movie to watch . Waiting for The World's End (The Finale of the Trilogy)


Recently viewed some movies:

Letters from Iwo Jima
It's a war film, a moving and sentimental tale of in the context of WWII. A must see for all those war hungry furious people out there and also for the future generations to come, to make the aware of the dark sides of war.

Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai
A very good quality film, nicely plotted, choreographed, acted, sequenced and dramatized picturing of a samurai who refused to put the way of bushido before family and life. It's a remake of a same title from 1962, which is known as a masterpiece.

Nice movie, kinda moving, but the end is weird. Auntie could have just invited the kid over for a piece of cake or some cookies. :D:D

Nice, steady, very romantic and yes, musical. The director cum story writer cum lead actor himself being musician, took very good care of musical tracks. Its a musical film to be precise, hearing the piano playing throughout itself makes watching a treat. Oh yes, there is secret :
There is a piano in a room.
Someone mysteriously plays the piano.
You don't get satisfied so easily, do you ? :eek:
Alright, its the final warning before unveiling the biggest secret. After this there won't be any lookback.
Time travel. Satisfied ? Now go find a corner and weep all day. :bananana:

Resident Evil: Retribution
Probably worst of the franchise, enuff said.


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What is the second movie then?!!!
Hot Fuzz

The Duo of Wright - Pegg are making a trilogy based on a comedy + (1 other genre) aka Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy
1.Shaun of the Dead (Comedy/Horror)
2.Hot Fuzz (Comedy/Action)
3.The World's End (Comedy/Sci-Fi)

Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy - Wikipedia


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:( so few places screening ship of theseus
old short film, made by Anand Gandhi. shows cycle of karma sort of like 11:14 (made in the same year! coincidence?) this is a bad print, the original movie is not like this.

Also, Waking Life. rotoscoping (A scanner darkly style) done right, with lot's of attention to detail. expressions of people are enhanced with the drawing, must watch just for that.
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