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Chillum Baba
Paranormal Activity 3 - Has it's share of good scares. But I guess things are monotonous. Neither 2 nor 3 matches 1.

Dream Home - Great cast but average horror movie.


Democracy is a myth
Kill List 6.5/10

I'm still not sure what happened in the movie or why? Actually its like they just showed few scenes in order...but without any (proper) explanation. it and post your opinion.


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Very Highly recommended

A really really smart film. I can't tell you about the plot without spoiling it, but it's very different . Kind of a movie Charlie Kaufman would have written.
Try it if you want to watch a smart comedy with a different kind of story !


Chillum Baba
Tinker tailor soldier spy - Reminded me of Pulp Fiction and LA confidential, which I saw in early 90s and couldn't understand a word. Liked them 10 years later when I could comprehend them. As of now, TTSS went over the top for me. I think TOI or someone rated it 5/5, so it was kinda KLPD for me.


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Theres walking into the wilderness with an intention to live, which can and has been done for long periods with a lot less effort than what that dude took
walking into the jungle and starving to death because you dont know any better and because you are uncomfortable living in a city is... a ... first world prolem

what are you supposed to do while watching the movie? anticipate his ruin and enjoy the suicide?

soundtrack reaaly good though


The Vagrant Seeker
yeah i agree to that, but i feel it shouldnt be seen as suicide, as the motive was not death, but it was just an ill-try to break free from shackles, but sadly this 'unplanned plan' misfired and ended this way. it was a real-life incident presented as a story by the movie-maker. i think the director also didnt anticipate that the audience would expect 'fun' out of this. yes but for those who want to spend some time relaxing, watching a movie and expecting to come out of it livelier and happier, they should skip this ;)
i too enjoyed the BGM score and the soundtracks, and towards the end was neither shocked, nor in awe, nor feeling relaxed or stress-free or any of that sort of that thing, though sad that this is how it had to end. it was just from a passive perspective, may be since i can correlate to the guy's feelings. heck, quite many times when am out on solitary treks have i envisaged upon staying back as a 'hermit in the woods' :p

another must-see recommendation from my side, especially for those with the 'warrior's way' bent of mind - Ghost Dog. Has one of the best performances till-date by forest whitaker.

warning - everything isnt very straight-forward in the movie. subtle messages. seemingly artful direction; akin zen poetry. may be in the screenplay one wont be able to see any worthy point, until you 'see' the point ;) :D
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Democracy is a myth
Long back I tried to watch "Ghost Dog"....I could not finish it.

Found it boring (actually I was told it was an awesome action movie and I was getting only drama and nonsense. I did not like it as I was not ready for drama)


The Vagrant Seeker
Long back I tried to watch "Ghost Dog"....I could not finish it.

Found it boring (actually I was told it was an awesome action movie and I was getting only drama and nonsense. I did not like it as I was not ready for drama)

yes i can understand. this movie isnt for general taste, as in, it wont make sense to everybody.

now a rather more 'mainstream' recommendation ;)

a classic wild west movie - For a Few Dollars More

one of the gems from director sergio leone's chest, accompanied by ennio morricone's beautiful soundtracks (the 'carillon' theme keeps haunting me).

a more recent one. horror flick - Insidious

its one of those horror movies which i've come to really like, the club being headed by 'the exorcist'. i dont like horror movies that feed on shock-value and lack substance. this here instead has some beautifully shot scenes (like the one where renai spots an apparition of a 'boy' dancing to a tune at her new house. the boy could be spotted by keen observers in a corner even before this scene takes place when renai was roaming in the house. sorry for spoiling the fun ;)), & has substance (concepts that find place in paranormal study). a good extension of imagination to the phenomenon of astral projection. give it a try.
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Baishe Srabon (22nd of month of Srabon) 8.5/10

If it were made in hindi, it would have been a cult (well, it still is a cult movie but not many would be watching this as they are unaware)

A perfect serial killer movie from the director "Srijit Mukherjee". This is his second movie and he's daring to venture into all uncomfortable places of indian film makers. Subjects which might not have an audience rather appreciating his work.

>Realistic dialogue (this is how bengalis talk....profanity included)

>Background score (sometimes totally misfit)

Great movie!
After a very long time a good Bengali movie.
Did not like Srijit's first movie(Autograph) at all.
Did not expect such a brilliant serial killer movie from him.

Another superb bengali movie is Gandu,made on a shoestring budget.
Sad part is,it got attention for all wrong reasons( agreed, such explicit scenes are unimaginable for Indian movies)

I am sure, no one has made/ will dare to make such a movie in India.
Hats off to Q!!
He is a genius.


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