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Rango will be out this weekend. Time to hit the cinema or may be wait for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides to release. This is definitely going to be a 3D watch for me. :)


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Looks like Source code is a great one, me waiting too...

Watched, S.W.A.T.: Firefight, well not bad, it'll stay in between recommended and not :)

S.W.A.T.: Firefight (Video 2011) - IMDb


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Bloodstone. Very nice movie
I wonder though that Leonardo Decaprio Always dies in the end in most of his hit movies. :))
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Thanks buddy. Gotta see it and will post the review :smile:

Time Crimes is one my top time concept movies, its abolutely awsome ....... there is so much discuession, one can do just on the concept after one watches the movie ....... a must watch AFAIMC ....


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^^ man, try the frat pack comedies they are awesome -
Frat pack - wikipedia
Some of my good comedies are-
Hot fuzz
Hot rod
just check out that frat pack page, awesome comedies there.


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Kidneystone. Very nice movie
i wonder though that leonardo decaprio always dies in the end in most of his hit movies. :))
:grin: lol

Not sure if you actually meant Blood Diamond or not but i googled Blood Stone and going to watch it ASAP.:p
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I think "FALTU" is a remake of an English movie "Accepted"....

Well yesterday I watched "RIO"....and its one helluva of a movie...awesome animation with amazingly bright n colourful characters...that movie was certainly very refreshing for eyes....9/10 from my side


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Guys .... Finished watching a movie called Serenity before I actually start describing this ...... remember I mentioned I was watching a TV series called FireFly[/b], well yeaterday I finished it and I was completely blowen by the complete series. Its just one season with 14 episodes ....... whats the relation between firefly and serenity, you might ask, well firefly though awesome TV series was cancelled abruptly and hence the last episode left many questions unanswered ... I googled the show and it was evident reading few articles that firefly was a cult hit AFA TV series goes but was canceled by FOX for unknown reasons ... the creater Joss Whedon then directed a movie called Serenity that continuies from where the series left and gives it a perfect ending ......... Let me tell you...the past month has been a joy ride!!! watching Firefly and then this movie serenity that ends the series ...... its one off my best TV series along with V and HEROES (season 1) ...... it is so very well directed, I dont have words to say, very well acted. Intriguing story line and the character development is just out of the world ..... the script is tight and the dialogues are the best part if you ask me ....very witty, full of dry scarcasm, with an uncanny sense of humor that I just loved ......and then this movie which makes it even more precious as when you start seeing the movie (after the TV series) you know every character, and that connection is already there, and so you very realistically care for each one of them ...... on the top of that ....the move again is very well directed and has the same wittyness and humor that made the TV series a hit

Guys my suggestion .... do not miss the TV series and then watch the movie ........ without it, just the movie might not make any sense as the ground roots are very much connected with the TV series ........... 7.5/10 for both the movie and the TV series ....Must watch

BTW Firefly has a rating of 9.4@IMDB with 42K votes so you can see .....


I also completed those series and others.Now watching Stargate Universe and flash forward.
@Sam9s would you like to share your Tv list here.
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Flashforward ... yea i have that in my kitti, currently I am watching Sliders and after that I will start either Flashforward or criminal minds ..... how is flashforward BTW ..??.. and I didnt get what you mean by if I would like TV list here... ????


I just watched only three episode and the story line is good but still only one season I don't know why ABC cancelled it.Sorry I made a mistake, correction has been done.


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Five hundred years in the future, a renegade crew aboard a small, spacecraft tries to survive as they travel the unknown parts of the galaxy and evade warring factions as well as authority agents out to get them.

The above description of Firefly from IMDB was enough for me, to let my mouth be filled with water! And with the rating of 9.4, I can only imagine the Epicness I am about to witness!!!
Thanks for introducing this series.

Now I know, why Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory" was a fan of Firefly, and now I understand the 3rd para of this article!

Also, I was on the verge to start my Journey to complete the list of Top 50 Sci-Fi movie of all time, in reverse order. And I am glad, I hadn't seen Serenity, which is just among the last ones on the list :p
That would be after Firefly :-D


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Hereafter, I really liked it. I'd give it 7/10 and highly recommended. Again the imdb review was crap :)

Hereafter (2010) - IMDb


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Tanu Weds Manu (2011) - IMDb 6/10

Well 6 is a bit more for this movie, but keeping in mind Madhavan's performance, 6 can be given.

Well, why do you need to remake "Jab we met" so soon, when that movie is still fresh in memory of people?

Story: U know
Direction: Formula directing. And miserably failed in directing Kangna. It seemed that she was allowed doing whatever she wanted.
Screenplay and dialog: Lots of cheesy lines, does not at all invoke emotion in you (well, a few are good I say, but that is like 2%)

And Kangna sucks!!! She is actually worse than Amisha Patel. And consider that as an insult.

Should you watch? If you have seen "Jab we met" or Madhavan's another movie "RHTDM" u've seen all.
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