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How can I Check if the movie file I have supports 16:9 Ratio?

if u have installed K-Lite Codec Pack then just ryt click the video file & select "Media Info" u will get a popup as Media Information there
check the aspect ratio if supported shud be written as 16:9 :mrgreen:


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How can I Check if the movie file I have supports 16:9 Ratio?

You will have to look for the aspect ratio of the movie. In most avi files, you can easily have a look at them through their properties.
Divide the Width by Height, and note the ratios. If you have got a number close to 1.77, then it is of 16:9 (since 16/9 ~ 1.77). :)

Edit: Or Zangetsu method :))


Guys most of the movies I watch I find that the vocals are low in volume as compared to the places where we hear blasts and other back ground sounds.

Guys any help on this one!

Watched the Gods Must be Crazy II. Was good initially then dragged a little bit and again had a good last 20 - 30 mins.
Any good suggestions on Comedy genre?


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Easy A 8/10...Nice lighthearted comedy..

Tron Legacy 7/10...Awesome gfx but light on plot

Megamind 8/10...Awesome movie


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How is Ong Bak 3???

Flop movie...only ong bak-1 was the best...I wonder why doesn't a good director takes him in his movie...he is one of the best action heroes....after jackie chan i guess...
Courage Down Under was an awesome movies with awesome action....


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Ong Bak 2 action sequences at the end are far far better than 1, but yes as an over all movie 1 was better .......
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