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Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions


I'm still waiting for all of your suggestions folks on some family entertainers. I know most of you may not watch these often but still if someone can pour in their suggestions it would be great.


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^^Any Animation movie like WALL.E , Toy Story, Finding Nemo,Shrek....you know....

It's a Wonderful Life is another great flick.

Or pick out any light heart clean comedy like Home Alone 1,2 , Baby's Day Out, Back to The Future,E.T. ....

Fantasy films like Harry Potter (dreadful films) or LOTR Trilogy or PoC Trilogy, Jurrasic park....

Groundhog Day is also a great one

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watch "Spirited Away"- a movie about a little girl & her parents who get lost & end up in a strange wonderland. the movie is about the adventures of the little girl & how she saves her parents who have been turned into pigs. it is a japanese anime(but english dubbed version is also available). it won a lot of awards in japan & has a 97% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes..i highly recommend this movie for fans of animation movies. but if you're not much into kids & fantasy you might not enjoy it.the protagonist- the little girl is a very sweet character & you'll begin to wish you had a sister like her(at least i did as i do not have a sister):)

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^^Yeah recommended movie. Very good anime.

So, T. you've watched Spirited Away!..Its just fantastic. Has anyone watched "Howl's Moving Castle"..its by the the same animator hayao miyazaki who created spirited away.this movie also has a very good rating at rottentomatoes.com...if anyone has seen it please tell me.


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Big Momma's House :- 6/10

And can you guys recommand me some good horror//thriller/psychopathic/gory movie ? Havent seen any movie from the mentioned genres since a long time :(.
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