Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions


Chillum Baba
The Love Guru - Something like cheap Austin Powers IV. Few funny moments, but not in the same league as Austin trilogy.

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay - Gross and cheap comedy. Give it a miss. White Castle was gross but still funny. This ain't.


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Wall E - 8.5/10. Superb movie.
IMO Stevie should be more proud of Pixar than Apple.

Medico, yea The Love Guru was totally cheap comedy. Jessica Alba wasted.


The High 5 Flyer
Saw Hancock.Average flick.CGI was a complete let down.Felt like watching my Super-Ex Girlfriend all over again(only the male version of it).I didn't expect way too much from this movie hence feel it was OK.Must watch Kung Fu Panda now.Hopefully that would be better.:D

Hancock avg.......mmmm.... looks like hollywood is loosing on substance these days depending more on CGI. Even The Incridible Hunk was a letdown for me. I miss movies like "Die Hard 4.0 and Rambo 4".
Kung Fu panda is good could have been better if the climax fight sequesce had been long with more energy and a bit of seriousness in it (as was in the fight on the bridge), but over all pretty much worth watching. Looking forwarded to WALL-E on multiplex.


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karmanya. :p
Dude, not in that way. Bhavnao ko samjho.

Also Robert Downey Jr. rocked it in.

Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian - 6.5/10


Lol. I had my hand on 100 with the receiver at my ear.. xD.
I didn't really like prince caspian, the book was sooo much better and the directors fail to follow any sort of militiary strategy. i mean, the so called archers start firing once the two forces meet and there are all sorts of inconsistencies.
next week dark knight is out, hopefully it'll be better than the disappointment that hancock was.
i saw pirates of the silicon valley this morning when i should have been studying for a trigo test... freaking amazing.
Up next, Iron Man and hulk.


Bond, Desi Bond!
It's a waste to watch Hancock in theatre. Getting rental DVD is more than enough for this storyless crap bullshit move. I wasted my money by going to theatre.
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