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Monitor for max 8.5k


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Jas try getting one of these:

1. Dell ST2210 21.5" LCD @ 8.4k
2.Benq 21.5" G2220HD LCD @ 7.5k
3.Benq 21.5" E2200HD LCD Monitor @8.6k

I suggest going for the dell. The g2220hd looks to be very VFM


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You may try Dell ST2220 21.5" LED. I got it from SMC for 8.8k but it should be cheaper now
Jaskanwar Singh

Jaskanwar Singh

Aspiring Novelist
ok got that desiibond thanks..will look at newegg

Samsung B2230 got a lot of positive feedback. i am getting inclined towards it..what do you think guys?

Guys now i am confused between DELL ST2210 and samsung one!:-[

how is SAMSUNG P2250 as compared to the above mentioned monitors guys?
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Jaskanwar Singh

Jaskanwar Singh

Aspiring Novelist
which samsung - P2250 or B2230....P2250 seems to have good public response..5/5 overall eggs in newegg as compared to B2230 (4/5 overall)


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hey guys.. anybody from PUNE here?
i want to buy 22 inch monitor and have read all the above replies... and i am impressed about the dell and samsung...

if u know any best shop which is selling monitors at cheap price in PUNE then please let me know...
Jaskanwar Singh

Jaskanwar Singh

Aspiring Novelist
not getting a reply from smc :-(

got a reply but P2250 not available :-(

so i have 4 options -
BenQ G2220HD
BenQ G2222HDL
Samsung B2230

which to use?
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Ishu Gupta

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These days, I rely on user comments in sites like newegg, amazon. Many sites are now showing bias towards certain brands or going too tough on minute things.

Better to check tech forums like this and others.
Too many n00bs on newegg etc


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What abt AOC 2236Vw???
This LCD monitor is recommended by Digit Magazine.
According to them, its better than Benq G2220HD and Samsung SyncMaster B2230 and Dell ST2010(in gaming too)...
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