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  1. RON28

    Is it wise to buy refurbished LG G2 16GB for 8.5k?

    I am looking for a good device under 8k and I zeroed in LG G2 16GB D802 model. I am getting it for 8.5k, the reason I want to buy it because of Camera, display and performance, though i would use it for whatsapp browsing and casual games like 8ball, Sudoku. And. I am more attracted to device...
  2. T

    Need Motherboard for i3 4150

    Hello guys Im planning to buy an Processor------Intel i3 4150 Motherboard--Gigabyte B85m-d3h Is this board a good one?? i have a Zotac Gtx 650 1gb I also want a smps,i have heavy power fluctuation in my area and my system gets shut down. also a cabinet within 1.5k if possible...
  3. iittopper

    pantech burst p9070 - need reviews from indian

    I can get pantech burst for around 8.5k ( price has risen from 7.6k to 8.5k) . Any indian user using it can give reviews and thei personnal experience .. will be helpful to me .
  4. U

    Radeon HD 7770

    Hi friends! I wanted to ask whether using a radeon hd 7770 with a 2nd generation intel core processor hinder the perfomance? And PLEASE suggest a Radeon HD 7770 within 8.5k. Thanx:-D
  5. G

    monitor within 8.5k

    please suggest me a good monitor for gaming within 8.5k....
  6. saurabh_1e

    AM3+ mobo required

    Need a mobo for my phenom x6 1055T which will be overclocked to around 4Ghz 3.5~6Ghz only!! 1)Asus M5A97 PRO or EVO--->8.5k due to availability issue whichever is available will cos 8.5k........ 2)Gigabyte 970A-UD3--->6.2-6.5k Bugdet is max 8.5k! Is CoolerMaster V6GT a good option to...
  7. P

    Building Gaming Rig for 50K

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? A: Gaming 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering more VFM/ sellers? If not- why? A: N - AMDs Only 3. What is your MAX budget? A: 50K 4. Planning to overclock? A: N 5. Which OS are you...
  8. K

    Budget android dilemna

    Hi everyone.... I am planning to buy my first android smartphone next month. But I am in a dilemna due to the numerous options available and so i needed some suggestions on what phone to buy. My budget is 7-8k and can be extended to 8.5k max. I have shortlisted some phones below: Lg optimus me...
  9. A

    dell st2220l 22inch

    urgent!!! i have decided to buy dell st2220l monitor.it is 22inch full hd led monitor.what i want to ask is whether it is glossy or matte ...(the main panel)...and is it the best around in this range because i am getting it for around 8.5k
  10. Jaskanwar Singh

    Monitor for max 8.5k

    guys i am getting a monitor as my B'DAY gift :-D:-D suggestions needed upto 8.5k. want it to be good for gaming.
  11. ramsingh

    Best 17" LCD within 8 K...

    plz suggest the best LCD monitor(17") in the price range of 8K..(max 8.5K)..
  12. A

    FS: I-Pod Classic 80GB

    Price drop : 8.5K Hi I want to sell a 3 months old I-Pod Classic 80 GB. It is with its original box and accesories. Used it primarily for movies and havent listened to songs much on it. Sparsely used and the front panel is totally scratch free while the back panel has got the traditional...
  13. R

    Graphic card confusion!!!

    Hi. i am a digit subscriber. I am looking to buy Forsa 7600GT. Thanks to your magazine that helped me decide. i have a pentium D 2.66 dual core processor, intel D101GGC mother board, 512 mb ddr ram and a regular 15" monitor. Will this card work on my system, if not then whic card should i...
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