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  • pls c my prvius PM.

    I much interested in samsung as you adviced. then he gave a few suggesion (with half-heart): samsung z350, c5130, c5010

    price may be under 6000 (BUT low price would be best for me).
    another main thing is, battery should be live at least 3 hours surfing.

    any advice with 3G, HSPDA & EDGE and USB chargeable ? Pls specify models.

    Friend, I think that "When I go for less than 6000.00, then why we buy one with 1.3 cam / CIF video / poor picture quality ? Is it better to go with: 2mp/above cam, qvga video rec, better picture, ... isn't?"

    I highly appreciate your advice.

    Thanks friend

    Hi friend! he he ... i'm again ... :)
    I have posted replies on my thread, but it does not published. I'v not had any sins! so, I've pastd that thread post here, friend. If you feel free, let some reply. thx in advance. :

    I live in village, I have to travel 20km to buy a mobile phone (no any shops at my native place). So, pls help me a bit more...

    Yesterday, I gone for a samsung 3310. But, the seller told: "Dont buy 2g phones, they will double your expence. Buy a mobile with 3G, HSDPA & EDGE. So, you can use any 2g or 3g SIMs, can connect any network to connect on PC without hassle." But I need to strech the budget to abt 5500-6000. ! And he adds "nokia is best to PC internet than samsung. samsung's are bad battery". Is seller's advice is correct or cheats me? to sell a mid-hi range phone?

    my seller's recommends: sony ericsson cedar - it is best ?
    Nokia 2730, 7230, 3710 (all has no HSPDA)

    pls c my nxt PM
    Thanks NainO for your reply!

    I'm a novice :) could you explain me a few:

    1. Samsung Metro 3310 and Samsung M3310 are same?

    2. Samsung Metro 3310, Samsung S3310, SGH-S3310, S3310i - all are same phones? When I search "Samsung Metro 3310" (with quotes), result page gives links to them. So, I confused!?!

    3. Samsung Monte models (C3200, S5620, E2550, and S3500) are equavalent to Samsung 3310 / Nokia 2700 (better for PC Internet)?

    4. Some sites told Samsung 3310's talktime is 3.30h, other few told 10h! which is true?

    5. Nokia X2 better for PC Internet?

    6. If otherwise, let me know where can I search for HSCSD+Edge enabled mobile phones?

    If any model is < 5100 is OK. But I need a better one.

    Pls friend, help me! I'm wating for your help.

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