1. A

    airdroid 3

    how to tranfer files from pc to androif with airdroid and where do they get saved,using win 8 and moto g 2 new fgen
  2. D

    Suggest upgrades

    Hi, My rig specs are there in my sig. I didn't have much money to put when I built this rig few months back. I have saved 100K and I'm interested in upgrading my pc. What upgrades do you suggest?
  3. T

    Android mobile not connecting to wifi

    Micromax Canvas 2.2 is not connecting to netgear wnr612 router although other devices are connecting properly, while tapping the ssid , nothing happens ...says "Saved, secured by wpa2-psk" ...have reset wifi in cell phone n also router bt nothing changed
  4. ghantaukay

    saved and secured with WPA/WPA2

    I am having problems connecting my Micromax A116 HD phone to my wifi. My HTC Wildfire had no issues connecting to the wifi but when I try with the Micromax phone I get this message which says : saved and secured with WPA/WPA2 and there is not connection at all. I am able to connect all my other...
  5. kool

    ►► Is it possible to restore all apps/games with saved data/settings after format ANDROID ?

    Hi guys.. I've Micromax A100 (ICS) in which stock camera problem is inverted/upside down image,:evil::evil: so i want to give to service center for this problem. But i've installed 80+ apps and games. So is it possible that after resetting/format we can re-install those apps with saved data...
  6. B

    Need urgent help

    In bf3,i increasd d resolution to 1280*768 and saved monitor has a native resolution of 1024* in bf3 it is now showing out of range.. My monitor though supports that resolution and i play fifa at that.. I delted al the files frm d save directry and then ran bf3..then its running...
  7. theserpent

    Bookmarks not getting saved

    Hey guys.i use google chrome but when i bookmark it doesnt get saved. To check the bookmarked page.I have to go to bookmarks>bookmark manger>recent. Why isnt it directly saving to bookmarks :-?
  8. mohit sharma

    way to backup whole gmail account.

    Hello guys, Is there any way i could easily take all of my gmail account data ( like mails, saved chats) to offline store ? any way other then manually doing it ?
  9. P

    How to make PDF Copy protected.

    Friends, Can anyone tell me how to make PDF Copy protected ? I did lots of Google search but no perfect method found. Requirement is Simple. MS Word document is saved as PDF. Document is saved as PDF at 100 % in MS word but it opens at 130% in Adobe PDF. - How to make it open at 100 %...
  10. Faun

    Moments that made you guilty or proud [possible spoilers]

    Share your moments in any game, only one moment per post and please stick to the topic. I was browsing the internet today and came to know that I got Bad Ending in Metro 2033. I could have saved the Dark Ones. Khan warned me to be careful about the choices I make. Even he told me to...

    NOkia to lg

    is there any way to change my contacts in e66,to Lg gu230 the back up file for lg is *.idx,is there any nbu to idx converter.i have my contacts saved as vcards in my pc.. anyhelp?
  12. Vyom

    GTA 3 hangs after loading a saved game in Win7

    I love GTA series. And I completed GTA 3 Liberty City on my Pen 4, running XP. Now I tried to run the same game on my cousin's Compaq Presario CQ61 which has the following config: Intel Dual Core T4400 - 2.2 GHz 2GB Ram, OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Game runs fine, until I try to load a saved...
  13. sukesh1090

    Tom clancy's HAWX game error

    guys i installed HAWX 1.01 game but whenever i start the game it shows saved dump file to ........ error message.i done several things mentioned in some websites.i am using windows 7 32 bit os.i downloaded and installed direct x 9.0c and run the game in windows xp compatiblity mode and also...
  14. maddy1205

    Not able to save GPRS settings

    i am nt able 2 save vodafone GPRS settings on my NOKIA 5530XM. whever i send a sms to get the settings i get a message-Trusted server settings recived but not saved. Message could not be authenticated and was deleted. pls help:sad:!!!!!!
  15. H

    How to redirect webpage in my pc?

    Hello friends, i am new to forums and it my first post. i am a Btech student and recently my results came,i got 5 arrears. so i used following javascript commands to edit the result. javascript:document.body.contentEditable%20=%20'true';%20document.designMode='on';%20void%200 after...
  16. Sooraj_digit

    Cant save any webpage!!!!

    hi guys i m using IE9 Beta but the prob is that none of the webpage could be saved. Actuallly earlier there wasnt any prob all the pages used to be saved in MHTML format.... but now i couldnt save any page in any format it gives up the error msg as "This webpage could not be saved". I dont...
  17. Charley

    Outlook Express Saved Files - Win XP

    Where is the Outlook Express saved folders/files in the Windows directory ?
  18. A

    .flv player for N73

    Please recommend a good Free .flv player for Nokia N73 Music Edition. It should be able to play my already saved videos on the Memory Card. I tried out mobiTube but it does not read already saved Videos. It only reads those videos which i downloaded through it. Tell me quickkkkk...
  19. furious_gamer

    Will i able to plat GTA4 after re-installing windows

    Guys, Unfortunately my system crashed down yesterday night. And i am thinking of re-installings Windows but the problem is, i installed GTA4 in another partition and after i re-install the windows, Will i able to play it from my last saved game? If no, then please tell me how can i get the...
  20. jxcess3891

    E-book reader

    Hey, is ane1 using an ebook reader? Can u tell me a little abt ur xperiences? Also which is the cheapest in the market? And the most imp ques of all: can I use one to read all those pdf files saved on my comp (dwnldd from torrent sites ;)) without having to be online? If there is already a post...
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