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  1. Flash


    : (​DUMB MOVIE MOMENTS): OK. If there are movies with "Epic/Awesome" moments, there should be movies with "Dumb/illogical moments" too. The moment can be anything - Illogical/Plain-dumb/Ridiculous/Idiotic. Share those moments along with the movie name here and [SPOILER] it, if it's about an...
  2. theserpent

    Best game ending

    The best game ending is given to black ops The Guinness world record for the best game ending goes to : Call of Duty – Black Ops | iGyaan.in
  3. future

    7970 hd or 6950 hd in crossfire

    Hi friends , i am going to buy a gpu for games like bf3 , batman arkham city etc. , in february ending. I am confused , should i go with 6950 now and then crossfire it later in may -june or buy 7970 in feb ending . I have seen benchmarks where 6950 xfire beats 7970 . I will be playing games...
  4. Sarath

    [Solved] Folding@Home using up CPU/GPU

    I think I got misdirected into downloading a FAH file and installing it. The process shows fahcore_a4.exe utilising all my cores at 100% and the GPU too. I tried ending the process but it kept coming back. How to uninstall this as it is not a program which shows in Program Files?
  5. Faun

    Moments that made you guilty or proud [possible spoilers]

    Share your moments in any game, only one moment per post and please stick to the topic. I was browsing the internet today and came to know that I got Bad Ending in Metro 2033. I could have saved the Dark Ones. Khan warned me to be careful about the choices I make. Even he told me to...
  6. C


    I just wanted to know the use of DVD ripper. Actually I wanted to seprate different movies from a DVD is this what I can do with the help of ripper.The movie file are joined with each other; like ending of one with beggining of other in different files on DVD. PLZ tell me any way in which I...
  7. quan chi

    need some tracks please help.

    hi!! friends. well i was wondering is there any site from where i can download these songs for free. or can anyone of you please upload these songs. 1.oops i did it again (the original one) by britney spears. 2.the terminator 2 ending music. 3.a track from the movie men in black.its...
  8. G

    Is WinXP another Titanic

    After search for A Day long, unable to find Driver for Presario V3702AU Notebook [7150/630i motherboard] on the internet. Then thought WinXP will be ending for the following : 1. Unable to support New Technologies. 2. 3. Request all the members to fill there views
  9. Ambar

    Painkiller alternate ending...

    hay i just finished painkiller in the nigtmare mode.....but one of my friends told me tht the ending here is not the real one ......he told me tht u have to finish the game in trauma mode to get the real ending...has anyone finished the game in trauma mode...i really dont have time to do tht all...
  10. M

    Which game do u think has the best ending EVER?

    Come on, guys. Which game do u think has the best ending EVER? but plz don't tell the ending and spoil it for those who haven't played it. i think the best was Indigo Prophecy's
  11. blackleopard92

    videos: showcase beryl and compiz

    i found a couple of videos that showcase power of beryl and compiz. these are compeletely mind blowing.. http://youtube.com/watch?v=-CgqWlX_GsI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP2MmjYUZPU in the first video, they have dolphins running around in the ending. anyone knows how to get this...
  12. T

    carbon ending?????

    Due to frequent game crashes n lack of time i am far away from completing NFS CARBON........so can anyone please post the ending of carbon...ie how it ends after beatin darius........pls
  13. hermitage

    WinXP shutdown probs: ccApp

    Hello everybody I have been running Windows XP for quite sometime now, and have an updated system, with the latest version of (legal) Norton AV, which I installed recently. Since I installed this AV software, I have been having problems while shutting down. It says "ending program-...
  14. nishant_nms

    POP:WW alternate ending

    I had finished Prince of Persia Warrior Within. I had heard about the alternate ending how can I get it
  15. K

    lotsa game questions...

    hey y'all, plz share ur insight on these topics- A . Which game has had the best opening? B . Which game has had the worst opening? C . Which game has had the best ending? D . Which game has had the worst ending? [ any consoles will do ] my views- A. Half life B. can't think of...
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