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Mods and admins plz help me: need some permission

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हॉर्न ओके प्लीज़
Hi guyz,
I am planning of starting an online store exclusively for low-cost harware such as RAM sticks, pendrives, SMPS, cabinets, mouse, etc. :)

As the show will be new, I need to publicize it. Can I use the bazaar section?

I am asking this specifically because our rules say that we cannot sell first-hand items, but only second-hand items. Moreover, its a for-profit activity. :D

So can I go ahead and promote it there? Just asking this so that I don't get banned for violating the forum rules. :D


In Pursuit of "Happyness"
I have taken note. Will discuss this amongst other MODs and get back to you.


I favor rohan....
He is genuine guy, and Forum should allow him.

BTW, what are legal steps to start a online store in India??

Best luck rohan.


Rohan If you don't get the permission then make that address of online store, your signature. And we too will suggest that link whenever someone asks for help.
Simple and after few months that will become a well known name for shopping.


You are all wishing him luck even before he's got the green signal


Cool Joe

The Black Waltz
We're wishing him good luck to get the permission. Even if he doesn't get the permission to advertise it, there are still other ways through which he could attract visitors to his site. :p :D
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