1. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Telecom operators warn of six-fold hike in data tariffs

    Mobile operators on Friday said that they may have to increase data tariffs by up to six times to remain viable if the proposed regulations did not offer a level-playing field with net-based services such as Skype and WhatApp. Although they "supported" net neutrality and launched a campaign...
  2. R

    Discussing Pirated Games !

    Is it allowed to talk about sharing links for downloading cracks and games ? I do not want to break any rules of this forum. IF not here can someone redirect me to such community.
  3. RBX

    Requesting vote for Digit/TP-LINK contest

    A competition is being held in which top three entries get TP-LINK routers. I feel bad about inboxing friends for votes, and unfortunately people outside India can't vote on this. So, if you have a Facebook account, consider voting for my entry
  4. S

    Setup Rules and Restriction in office network systems

    Hello, First of all I am a noob at networking and have only basic knowledge about this. I want to setup a secure network system in my dad's office where I want system to adapt following rules and restrictions: 1.Network systems other than Administrator/Server system should not be able to...
  5. NoasArcAngel

    is troll time. (plz dont close this)

    think you got the balls to troll? enter for a uncensored FULL ON TROLLING... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  6. I

    what did i do wrong

    Dear imrocking_since92, You have received an infraction at Digit Technology Discussion Forum. Reason: Violation of Bazaar section rules. Guys i got this message after i posted the following message in bazaar section: "Hey guys i want to sell my xfx geforce 8600 ddr2 512 mb ram for only Rs...
  7. sumonpathak

    Super Pi Battlground [1M/32M]

    Hi everyone...starting the Super Pi battleground in DIGIT forums.So bring out the tweaking wrenches and bench:twisted: here you can post your super pi 1M and 32M results The rules are similar to HWBOT rules so the submissions you do here can be used to submit in submit in HWBOT.Here's a quick...
  8. victor_rambo

    Mods and admins plz help me: need some permission

    Hi guyz, I am planning of starting an online store exclusively for low-cost harware such as RAM sticks, pendrives, SMPS, cabinets, mouse, etc. :) As the show will be new, I need to publicize it. Can I use the bazaar section? I am asking this specifically because our rules say that we...
  9. ring_wraith

    CS:CZ Hamachi Server

    Anyone want to play Condition Zero right now? PM Me, I'll create a Hamachi server. Yes, I'm bored. If this against forum rules, then mods please delete it. No one? Really? It's Counter Strike!
  10. A

    Did Rapidshare change the Rules?

    Hi, Did Rapidshare changed the Rules?.Earlier rapidshare allowed 50 GB to be downloaded in 5 days.But at the same time we can download more than 10 GB in one day.RS calculated only the traffic in last 5 days. But from the last 2 days onwards i am not able to download more than 10 GB per...
  11. G

    Rules regrding third party call details

    Due to some personal reason,mobile call details of a third party are needed from a telecom company.Telcom company is not obliging saying they will not give to third party.I"ve searched the net as well as TRAI site,I'm unable to find rules regarding disclosure of call details.Can anyone enlighten...
  12. kirangp

    Adobe says Flash is coming to the iPhone

    The word is out, kids. Adobe has apparently gone against old Jobsy's wishes, and it's planning a Flash player made all special for the iPhone (ala Windows Mobile) despite Apple's concerns that the technology -- in its current incarnation, anyway -- isn't cut out for mobile duty. During a...
  13. Batistabomb

    Help this guy CA50

    He can`t post any thing in this forum, nor can't start any thread. all this happened after he had updated new avtar it seems , or did he posted any illegal content against forum rules, help him chooto,pathiks,infrared-dude,vishal-gupta,ravi e.t.c if possible;
  14. V

    Block BADBOTS from crawling your website

    edited as against forum rules...
  15. A

    Solve the given C Puzzle

    Hi! I am Adithya U,17 year old Engineering Student(IT) from Hassan,Karnataka Currently you are witnessing C puzzle 12 First,let me state the rules in this thread: 1.Please do not give suggestions or hints.Specify the modified program only. 2.Before posting the program make sure...
  16. Anindya

    Software Library.

    I have heard about software libraries. I would like to know where atleast one such library is situated in Kolkata. Also tell me about rules and regulations which are generally followed there. Or how do they function?
  17. pro

    EDit zonealarm firewall rules??

    is there any way by which i can edit firewall rules decided by me? mc afee has this facility but not zonealarm. if i accidently block any application using privilaged resources and tick "remember this setting" then how to unblock it?
  18. anandk

    Microsoft takes email design back 5 years

    "If you haven't already heard, I'm talking about the recent news that Outlook 2007, released next month, will stop using Internet Explorer to render HTML emails and instead use the crippled Microsoft Word rendering engine. Outlook enjoys a 75-80% share of the corporate email market, which is...
  19. Jatt_punjabi

    Can Anyone plz tell me Forum rules Briefly??

    Hi Friends, i m new to digit and this forum to. Can anyone plz tell me the forum rules briefly??
  20. I

    How to get ANY GAME

    read forum rules
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