1. D

    [ADVICE]Please check my components (PCpartpicker website)

    I intend to buy from Newegg India. Core i3-6100 3.7GHz Dual-Core, Radeon RX 460 2GB - System Build - PCPartPicke I am still undecided about RAM and monitor. I want cheap/budget items. im aiming for 8 GB ram and atleast 1600x900 monitor (HDMI preferred)
  2. F

    Alternative to google forms

    Scenario A person has to claim expenses he made, so he fills out these columns for multiple items Item Name Rate (in Rupees) Quantity After that all his items are displayed and he can seen Total amount. Then he submits the data First I went to google forms but I couldn't find a way...
  3. quicky008

    How to obtain replacement case parts for corsair Carbide 400R

    I accidentally scratched the front fascia of my corsair Carbide 400r case while cleaning it recently and its a fairly large scratch which makes it very annoying to look at.I've tried removing the scratch by wiping it with a soft piece of cloth but it was of no use at all.So i want to replace the...
  4. Sam22

    Positive Experience - Best website for purchasing Home Decor Products in the best pricing.

    I was kind of renovating my home and wanted to get some home decor items for the same. Ordered few items from flipkart but since they were kind of pricey so I couldn't order all the items in my wishlisht. The other day I was browsing my facebook and came across this brand Homesake which dealt in...
  5. rajesh00

    General Query Is ITDEPOT.COM a reliable site ?

    I have seen so many items with no warranty and some with warranty. Are they selling new items or used ones ?
  6. S

    Intel E7500+ gigabyte g41+6gb ddr3 ram for 6.5k

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Intel C2D E7500, Gigabyte G41M-S2PT, Transcend 4+2gb ddr3 1333MHz ram. Expected Price: Rs sold Source and Time of Purchase: All items were bought over a period of time Reason for Sale: lying idle RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd...
  7. R

    Friend Coming From China , Computer Items to purchase

    Hello all , my Friend is coming from China , he said there items are cheap , Is there any good items to buy ? Option - My storage is running out (atm 2TB+ 500GB x2 +250 GB HDD) , so should i buy 3 TB HDD or Graphic Card - (using HD 5650 atm ) or any other ?
  8. Revolution

    Want To Build A Small Planted Fish Tank

    Hi, I want to have a small(30"x12"x18") fish tank with full of plants and only small fishes. I want it with full of plants(java moss at ground & other little plans too) and few Tetra,Guppy,Molly & Loach/Cat fishes. What items are rewired for this and where can I get those with better quality and...
  9. Chetan1991

    General Query What are the best sites to buy items not available in India?

    What are the best websites to buy items, especially electronic items, not available in India? I know about eBay Global Buy but their selection isn't that big. Neither have I ever bought anything from them, so don't know how good their service is, and if they ship to Tier II and III cities, and...
  10. ajayritik

    Need a decent mouse

    Off late my mouse is not working properly. whenever I do single click it ends up getting double clicked. Also when I try to open a link by right clicking and open in new window or tab it opens that page in same window. Also if I try to select one or two items from list of items using ctrl and...
  11. The Conqueror

    C Programming : File I/O

    Problem: You receive a credit C at a local store and would like to buy two items. You first walk through the store and create a list L of all available items. From this list you would like to buy two items that add up to the entire value of the credit. The solution you provide will consist of...
  12. hari1

    Values not getting deleted in localStorage

    I am learning how to make a todo app using localStorage. I am making this app using Blackberry 10 jQuery Mobile theme. The problem is that sometimes the items in localStorage do not get deleted. See the JSFiddle here Get the Backberry jQuery theme files here: Javascript CSS Steps to...
  13. B

    Queries about Online shopping at , shipping to India

    Hello guys, I am a frequent buyer of goods through online trading sites in India such as flipkart, ebay, bitfang, snapdeal, theITdepot etc. I use SBI Net Banking for payments. Now I intend to buy the following from a GPU worth 450$ a keyboard worth 150$ a Liquid Coolers...
  14. banskt

    Where do I find post bound scrpabook albums in India?

    I am looking for elite quality scrapbook albums, inserts and photo corners to create an album of old photos with an old feel. Something like the Kolo Newport - - newport These type of albums were popular before the plastic-makes became common. I can find the items in adorama. To be...
  15. harshilsharma63

    PC got infected, help needed in cleaning

    Hi. I gave my external HDD to a friend and i got infected with the shortcut malware. The drive had two objects: '$RECYCLE.BIN' folder and a shortcut pointing to 'system32' folder. The data in the drive was not visible. I scanned it with MalwareBytes Anti MAlware and it showed two reg values...
  16. H

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    MH3U should be arriving soon, and it is a remaster + expansion of MHTri for the Wii. I'm getting the HD ver. rather than the portable. Anyone interested in forming a hunting band here? MH3U battle trailer: The game has clunky controls, but you...
  17. Abhishekrocked

    Do we have to Pay tax separately if we use Paypal ?

    Hello guys i am from india, 19 years of age..... so i am new to all of this things paypal and credit cards things... I want to create a paypal account for selling, buying and receiving money to my paypal. I will manly used to sell virtual items such as the items from zynga games and fifa...
  18. B

    HDD RMA query

    i have sent my Seagate HDD for RMA at Accel frontline at chennai. After 7 days waiting the status today shows as ''Blocked for Allocation - Escalated Items''. What it mean? yesterday I have raised this issue in seagate support.
  19. H

    Suggestions for a big electronic checkout

    No storylines, so I got the chance of setting up a list of electronic kits/devices for an incubator service. They have a sizable amount of funding, and is looking forward to put up these kits/projects as a booster for startups and hobbyists. I got an Arducopter(Quad) to play with, will be...
  20. M

    suggest few items for making a newborn baby kit for marketing

    folks, this time, need your suggestions for making a new born kit for marketing.what items do u suggest for?? the price should not exceed INR 200 (in cost) present are having, a baby soap, a powder, 2 black bangles few buds and one or two kiddy cloth. if u are sending PM that also...
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