1. Alok

    Microsoft Hololens

    *www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AADEqLIALk *www.youtube.com/watch?t=162&v=xnrHFV34PfM VR headsets, or more specifically the Oculus Rift, have really kickstarted (pun intended) the imaginations of developers. All of a sudden, the VR dream that was laughed off as too geeky and incredibly...
  2. A

    Problem in assigning a particular value of submit using javascript

    <html> <head> <script language="javascript"> function check() { if (document.getElementById("t1")==1) { document.form.submit(); } } </script> </head> <body> Enter a no <input type="text" id="t1"></input> <input type="submit" name="sub" value="First"></input> <input...
  3. D

    Android app for news

    Which app you use for news specifically news about India - TOI, HT or any other?
  4. Ironman

    Where can i buy a Astro Gaming A50 in India ?

    A50 Wireless Headset i want one for me. where can i get one in india ?? Kolkata Specifically :twisted:
  5. patkim

    What to check - Buying Second Hand HDD

    Hi, I am about to buy a second hand HDD. Have aligned with the seller that I shall also do a few checks from my side before purchase. What should I be specifically looking into e.g. any key SMART parameters. Could someone advice please. Thx
  6. GhorMaanas

    Xbox 360 Component AV Cable/HDMI AV Cable Kit

    Hello! i need any one of these cables mentioned here: When you use your Xbox 360 console, you receive no audio output OR this specifically (& preferably): Price can be discussed over PMs.
  7. anky

    visual studio 2010 in amd a8

    hello everyone. my question is not specifically regarding programming. but i think this is the best place where i can get my answer. i have heard that running visual studio in AMD(quad core), AMD-A8 specifically creates some problems? it hangs and lags a lot? is this true? thanks in advance.:)
  8. Darshan Singh

    Best Sennheiser Headphones within Rs. 6000

    Hi, I want a decent pair of Headphones specifically from Sennheiser. My budget is Rs. 6000 but in extreme case I may extend it by Rs. 2000 more. The headphones must be circumaural type and I need them basically for listening to music on my iPod Touch or an occasional movie. I do not want...
  9. B

    Switch & Router Configuration Discussion

    I currently work for a company that plans to redesign their office networking. I have some experience in setting up VLANs, RSTP, etc. But, for complicated setups, I feel a bit lost and do not know how to do. I would like to find forums or discussion boards that specifically have interactions in...
  10. D

    PS3 magazine

    Not sure if this has been posted before. Is there any gaming mag for ps3 specifically... Looking for demos and reviews/videos etc. in India
  11. S

    Cooling pad for Dell XPS 15 (l502X)

    Hey, Can anyone suggest a good cooling pad for Dell XPS 15?? I need it specifically while playing games...
  12. B

    Z77 Motherboards

    Does anyone know when these Z77 boards are going to hit the market. Are they be able to run the sandy bridge cpus or they are specifically meant for the Ivy bridge cpus. Any information on price factor / performance?
  13. J

    Portable DVD player

    Hi, Need portable DVD player with good quality. What features should be specifically looked for? Budget Rs. 6-7K. Thx
  14. R

    How to go in Web Designing after BCA.

    Hi friends.....I am currently a BCA II Year student. And I want to be a web developer. Can you please suggest me what are the courses available specifically for it. After BCA, most students choose MCA, is it a gud option for me? Also, what is the future and scope of web development in India? Is...
  15. a_medico

    Please suggest Packers and Movers in Mumbai

    Can somebody recommend any Packers and Movers in Mumbai. I wan't to shift some stuff like bike, washing machine etc out of Mumbai. I am specifically looking for Packers and movers, not just transport. Any kind of suggestion is appreciated. Thanks
  16. victor_rambo

    Mods and admins plz help me: need some permission

    Hi guyz, I am planning of starting an online store exclusively for low-cost harware such as RAM sticks, pendrives, SMPS, cabinets, mouse, etc. :) As the show will be new, I need to publicize it. Can I use the bazaar section? I am asking this specifically because our rules say that we...
  17. CadCrazy

    Temp monitor/controller for Linux

    Tell me any good temp monitor/controller for linux or specifically Ubuntu :D
  18. S

    Validity of a B.A.(Hons.) degree

    Could anyone please tell me whether a "B.A.(Hons.)" degree from "The University of Wales" holds any value in India or not? Specifically, I want to know whether its possible to get into post graduate courses with this degree.
  19. gopz

    Nokia N82 - anyone got it?

    How is the Nokia N82, has anyone actually bought it and used it for a while? Can owners provide some hands on info? I have read the reviews online but want to know specifically from actual owners - whether its worth buying and is typing SMS difficult due to the small keys?
  20. aneesh kalra

    C++ help required

    anybody here can direct me to a website having a tutorial on data structures specifically for linked queues and stacks.
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