1. H

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 4G under warranty

    Model number:SM-T875 Details:Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 LTE 128GB 6GB Ram Bill box available.Device is in prestine condition Date of purchase:23-9-2020 Reason for sale:Need money Warranty details:Till 23-9-2021 Expected Price:45000 Location of Seller:Hyderabad Shipping:DTDC but i prefer in hand deal...
  2. wwwescape

    Replacement for Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

    Recently I dropped my Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) and the LCD cracked. I was totally in love with the phone but now I have to purchase a replacement as the service centre does not have the required parts for repair. What phone do you suggest that I buy to replace my beloved Samsung Galaxy A7...
  3. M

    l'am looking service schematics of samsung galaxy china s2 gt-i9220

    hello friends l'am looking service schematics of samsung galaxy china s2 gt-i9220
  4. K

    [Complaint] Gtx 780ti Hof Rma

    Hello, I'm from chennai.. I purchased 780 ti hof model from galaxy brand. I dont know how many of you people know about this brand or even does it exist in india. galaxy products were handled by TAG(technology and gadgets). Only 6 branches all over india headquartered in mumbai. So coming to...
  5. B

    Find action game

    Hi, I have plenty of free time, Im loking for the action game for my device, Samsung Galaxy S5. Do you have any suggession??? Thanks
  6. Cyberghost

    No Man's Sky

    Inspired by the adventure and imagination that we love from classic science-fiction, No Man's Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action. In No Man's Sky, every star is the light of a distant sun, each orbited by...
  7. S

    Does it make sense to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 in April 2016

    Hi, Yes it kind of obvious . While the markets are buzzing with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, many are still attracted to the now affordable Galaxy S6 at Rs 34K. While the super high specs of Galaxy S7 are attractive but very pricey for Rs 49K. So for all those who are ready to settle for...
  8. G

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 equivalent?

    I need to buy an Android tablet with similar or better specs to Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 for presentation at events. 2560 x 1600 resolution and ARM soc is mandatory. What to buy?
  9. TechnoBOY

    Samsung made an even larger Android tablet called Galaxy View with a screen measuring 18.4-inches

    Infographic Illustrates Some Uses Of Samsung's Galaxy View |
  10. savithk

    big screen - big fonts - big icon's

    i have reading problems ... i need big screen - big fonts - big icon's ...which mobile is supporting this option's --------- Samsung Galaxy J7 Samsung Galaxy On7 Acer Liquid Z530 Acer Liquid Z630s Lenovo Vibe P1m Coolpad Note 3 Meizu M2 Moto G3 Microsoft Lumia 640 XL
  11. A

    IEM for Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hi guys!!! I need iem for Canadian Galaxy S3 @1000 . 1. Should not be bassy n have a balanced sound. 2. I mostly use laying on the bed. 3 Should be available on Flipkart. 4. Should loud enough. Plz help me to choose.
  12. nvrmndryo

    Suggest Best Camera Phone between Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 ?

    I am using Note 2 since last 3 years and now I think its time to change it . Last year I had bought Nokia Lumia 1020 (used) but I had to sell it because it had lens problem .I've never seen great phone camera as 1020 and I expect that kind of picture quality from my new phone.I like to take...
  13. axes2t2

    Samsung Galaxy core 2 - left soft key function.

    Anyone know how to change the function of left soft key on Galaxy Core 2 to open the menu and not the recently used apps?
  14. A

    Note 5 vs Galaxy S6 edge+ vs Galaxy S edge

    Planning to buy a phone within a month. Kindly suggest between these 3 Note 5 vs Galaxy S6 edge+ vs Galaxy S edge.
  15. axes2t2

    Need ROM suggestion.

    Anyone know any good ROM's for the ancient Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830?
  16. izzikio_rage

    Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 - best ROM

    Hi everyone have an old galaxy S3 that I still love despite all the new stuff that's come out (cough... expandable memory... cough zero lemon battery.. ). Was trying to figure out the best ROM for this to get the best and most fluid experience. Am currently on Cyanogenmod 11 M12 (the last...
  17. anmolksharma

    Review : Samsung Galaxy S6 - The Best Samsung That Money Can Buy!

    Pros: Looks, Build Quality, Power & Performance, Camera, Screen Cons: No SD Card support, Battery life, Initially launched at exorbitant pricing - now rectified. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been launched in India in April 2015 and now...
  18. Alok

    GOG Galaxy

    AND HERE IS SOMETHING BIG FRIENDS ! (btw old news but hot now:P) GOG Launches a DRM-Free Steam Competitor, GOG Galaxy Joining the existing is GOG Galaxy, a new, optional platform that can update your games and more. * During its annual...
  19. D

    Please suggest the best flagship phone to buy, prize is not a factor.

    I'm looking for a good high end phone to buy, so any suggestions regarding this are welcome. It is a confusing endeavour to say the least. There are many options. So HELP!! plz:lol: The phones I short list include: Sony Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4
  20. $hadow

    Galaxy S6 and S6 edge announced at MWC

    Source: Samsung's new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge put design first | The Verge
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