1. J

    [Query] Logitech Service Mumbai.

    Hope someone can help me with this. Ok so I had a G300 (left and right click problem) which I took to service center in January which got replace with a New G300s. Now after two months the G300s started giving left click problems ( I play Cs a lot :p) so I went again as I thought my warranty...
  2. Dr. House

    Best 50" 4K Television Set

    I am looking to purchase a 4K TV 48-50" this Holi for price budget as less as possible (around 70k) but it should have the great quality and 3 years warranty option. I will get PS4 pro for gaming as well, already have Panasonic music system to attach on.
  3. D

    Help with PC upgrade (using AMD+ATI atm)

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: playing mmos (specifically, path of exile). 2. What is your...
  4. S

    Need To Upgrade old rig for games post 2013/14

    So here's the deal. I have an old rig and I haven't been able to upgrade it because of financial restraints until now. As a result, I have missed out on some of the best games in recent years. I want to upgrade the CPU and make it reliable enough for the next few years. My old Configuration is...
  5. B

    VFM Android Phone

    Hello Friends, I have been saving money for a mobile since the past 2 years. My N73ME is almost broken now, display gone. Anyways I am looking for a phone that can endure falls on the ground and stuff for the next few years. S7 is good but I think its price will fall in Feb when S8 will be...
  6. A

    Is Lenovo X1 Carbon used 3 years worth 425$ ?

    Hello everyone. Is Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook worth 425$ (400€ or 340£)? It was used 3 years. Specs: CPU - Intel Core i7 3667U (2.00GHz) Memory - 8GB RAM Storage - 250GB SSD Graphics Card - Intel HD Graphics 4000 Screen - 14"; 1600 x 900 resolution Operating System -...
  7. Desmond

    KDE completes 20 years.

    Source: Happy 20th Birthday, KDE |
  8. M

    1 Lakh Mid Range Gaming Rig

    Motivation for the rig: 1) Gaming Obviously. Would like to play games for an year or so at high settings. Also work takes up a lot of my time. So its gonna be casual gaming. FIFA and FPS games. Also games like Assasin's Creed and GTA. 2) Will be using a couple of Virtual Machines when developing...
  9. sygeek

    Need headphones under 3k

    Have owned an HD418/419 for past 4-5 years. Need to replace it now. How's the hd202 in comparison to hd419?
  10. bssunilreddy

    Which brand GTX 1060 to go with?

    Hai, Which brand GTX 1060 to go with? 1. Zotac GTX 1060 AMP Edition - No back Plate - 5 years warranty 2. Gainward GTX 1060 Phoenix Golden Sample(GS) - Back plate - 3 years warranty Help me decide. Thanks & Regards, BSSunil
  11. mikael_schiffer

    GTX 1060 = Rs23,000 ____ RX480= Rs27,700 WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

    Firstly, only the stock cooler designed Blower Style RX480 is available Asus Radeon RX 480 8GB GDDR5 Graphic Card (RX480-8G) Secondly, we already have after market GTX 1060, in mini ITX and AMP overclocked edition Search : gtx 1060 They said AMD is dead in India for the past 2 years. This isnt...
  12. S

    self employment

    I have experience in web development of 3 years. i worked in 2 different companies since last 3 years, but i'm unsatisfied with my salary.i guess it would be more as i done my work. that's why I think about self-employment. is i'm choosing right step?? or is it ok to do job in some company...
  13. Thetrueblueviking

    AMD Sapphire 7870 Dual X OC

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Sapphire HD 7870 Dual-X OC Expected Price: Rs 7500 + Shipping. Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from United States 3 years back on Reason for Sale: Quit gaming 2 years back. Shifted to laptop for work. RMA/Servicing history: Never...
  14. sam_738844

    What 20 Years Mean to Technology Journalism, MUST READ

    I believe at some point of time, everyone needs to read this. I mention this read specially to ThinkDigit group, all its former and current members, admins, mods, people who have put efforts and time in their lives to congregate a group of curious minds into a tech forum that has lived through...
  15. R

    It's been 1.5 years since I bought a 50k laptop...

    It's amazing that for 50k, these *******s are still trying to sell me a 820m or 840m (same as mine), and a crappy 5400 rpm HDD and a mediocre 4 cell battery with a shitty 720p panel. The only change is the ****in' CPU, and god knows intel hasn't improved much. My god, has the Indian market not...
  16. Karma

    Indus era is 8,000 years old, not 5,500

    KOLKATA: It may be time to rewrite history textbooks. Scientists from IIT-Kharagpur and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have uncovered evidence that the Indus Valley Civilization is at least 8,000 years old, and not 5,500 years old, taking root well before the Egyptian (7000BC to 3000BC)...
  17. S

    Laptop Buying India Around 70K – Pls help me decide finally

    Laptop Buying India Around 70K – Pls help me decide finally Dear All, I have been going through posts after posts in many websites including reviews of purchases and now need to make a purchase. I am really unable to decide. I am listing my requirements / and optionals. Pls kindly help in...
  18. sainath

    Used I5 3340 Vs Fx 6300 Plz Help.

    Hi, I am in dilemma plz solve my issue. Actually I am having Intel Pentium G2020+h61m MB. It is giving bottleneck to my GTX 660 2GB while playing GTA 5 (even at low - medium settings at 1080p). I am getting second hand i5 3340 for Rs. 6.5k (without any bill, box and fan) and FX-6300+GA-78LMT MB...
  19. nikufellow

    Help with HP laptop screen problem

    So i switch the notebook ON one fine morning and get these vertical lines that are omnipresent (even in BIOS screen) Is this is a hardware defect ?One of my friends told me to disassemble and check cables connecting the lcd but i haven't tried it yet for the lack of tools required. Mine is a...
  20. S

    Ultra settings gimmick ?

    Fellow members of pcmr , is the difference b/w high and ultra really noticeable to you at all ? Recently i got a chance to play at my friends pc (gtx 980 ti) , witcher 3 at ultra . While it gave a solid 60 fps ,only a few times difference was clearly visible . So will you pay somewhat...
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