1. B

    Image editing and converting softwares

    Hi Guys, Which is the best software to convert hi-res jpegs to pdf format, without any loss in quality? Also can you please guide how to increase/decrease resolution and dpi of an image? Thanks
  2. M

    Best mouse to buy under Rs 5000 ?

    should be compatible with win 10 and at least 4000 dpi with good ergonomics.
  3. D

    CM xornet repair

    A long time after i took my gaming mouse out of bag to see that the dpi switch was damaged. The low dpi button could not be pressed due to some misalignment of spring i think. There is no customer service for India. What should i do. Any chances of repair?
  4. ankush28

    Lenovo M6811 - cheap gaming beast

    I bought my 2nd M6811 for my laptop after using it on my PC and I think this worth a SHORT review... Packeging:- Bought from flipkart and packeging was excellent.... In the box - mouse, few instrunctiom books.. Setting UP your mice- Just connect to your PC/laptop's USB port and let...
  5. bestpain

    confused between three gaming mosue

    Lenovo Wired Laser Mouse M6811 - Lenovo: Flipkart.com Buy Online E-Blue Cobra 5D Gaming Mouse. Shop from tradus.com MOU0000004538558 Genius Netscroll T220 Touch 4 Way Scroll USB Optical Mouse For Computer Laptop | eBay chaep would be better bcz i have less budget,what is dpi and dpi switch
  6. NoasArcAngel

    Read about mice before making a purchase .

    So how many times have you opened up flipkart to browse through a catalog of gaming mice, or walk into a computer shop and become mental when you look at all the mice in the display panel? Wondered which one to buy? what suits you the best? Can a mouse make you a better gamer? No, can selecting...
  7. Chetan1991

    Any opinins on the Portronics iMooze wireless mouse?

    Just ordered this mouse: *www.flipkart.com/portronics-imooze-wireless-mouse/p/itmd9uq7vry4f4ut?pid=ACCD9UPNWZWRKR5D Had read this before Portonics introduces stylish Imooze wireless mouse in India - Online Best Latest Price Reviews | Features in India Wireless, Cool looks, 1750 DPI and...
  8. V

    Mouse keyboard help!!!

    Okay. I'm in a fix. I want to buy a mouse and keyboard for around 6k totally. I've seen the Razer DeathAdder and Razer Arctosa till now, both of which cost around 5400. Then, I came across this Saitek Cyborg R.A.T 3 which is around 3k.. Is it good? And what is "DPI" mean? What difference...
  9. A

    Need Help For External Graphic Card

    Hello Guys :) I'm a new member just joined like 10 minutes before... I'm here to ask for your help. I've a laptop and i got to know that external graphic card are available for laptops. So,i've decided to buy one and my budget is 5.5k. My Laptop - Sony Vaio VPCEA32EN ------------------...
  10. P

    Graphic card recommendation needed

    1. What is your MAX budget? 22500Rs 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering more VFM/ sellers? If not- why? No 3. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types...
  11. Ashok Verma

    Help BUYING new MFP.....

    hi friends, I'm wishing to buy a all-in-one MFP.... kindly suggest me one. my budget is 8k-12k... I'm a home user.... I have BROTHER DCP-7055 and Ricoh Aficio SP 1200S..... in my mind.... kindly suggest me the best one.. of any brand.....8-):wink::razz:8-) Also tell me one thing...
  12. T

    Keyboard mouse combo confusion help

    hi guy wanted a pair of keyboard and mouse i currently have a crappy INTEX keyboard and a logitech mouse i guess the Logitech neo mouse i play CS online and COD4 and even at full mouse sensitive i cant move fast can you guys suggest me a gaming combo. i would prefer the cheapest but quality one...
  13. The Sorcerer

    CM Storm Spawn Gaming mouse (SGM-2000-ML0N1)

    CM Storm's Spawn might be small but its good enough for claw grip users. Good rubber grip on the sides, nice shape for a claw user. Let's check out how she is... Packaging and Specs CM storm follows the same standard packaging that they did with the other mouses I evaluated...
  14. The Sorcerer

    CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G (SGM-6001-KLLW1-GP) Twin Laser Gaming Mouse Review

    Coolermaster's Storm Series specifically addresses gamers and their needs for hardware (and bling). Coolermaster India sends a Sentinel Zero-G twin optical mouse. I've been using these for about 3 weeks. Does she do what she would do?? Well, you know the drill!!! Packaging and...
  15. Nipun

    Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse

    Hey all! I recently purchased Logitech MX 518 last week. Some members wanted me to review it so here I am. After using it for a week, I guess I know this mouse very much and I hope that this review is helpful for people here. :) PS: This is my first gaming mouse so if I say that "this is great"...
  16. Power_user_EX

    stuck between laser jets... help choose one

    Hi i m stuck between laser printers from canon and hp. 1) do both support refilling ? 2) What is the difference in quality of 600x600 dpi print of inkjet and 600x600 dpi print of laserjet do laser printer give more clean result at same resolution compare to inkjet Is canon better or...
  17. mikael_schiffer

    Help with Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

    Helo guys,am on a look out for a good set of gaming keyboard and mouse. I want a mouse which is fully adjustable, and has a couple of custonizable buttons. I dont really care about dpi as 1000 dpi is good enough for me. I was looking around then net and came up Saitek Cyborg...
  18. L

    Doubt about uploading photo :(

    Before applying online kindly keep the following items ready/ handy a) Scanned copy of Your passport size photograph in .jpg format (200 x 200 dpi) b) Scanned copy of your signature in .jpg format ( 200 x 200 dpi) Thats the instructions to apply for MIT(Manipal).So please tell...
  19. frederick_benny_digit

    MX518- 1600DPI or 1800DPI??

    wanna buy a Logitech MX518... I hear the new model has 1800 DPI instead of the older 1600DPI.Also heard rumours that the newer model has more complaints...Is it true?? Is the 1600DPI version still in stock?? What are the differences in these versions?? I am a Counter Strike 1.6 player and play...
  20. din

    Scanner - should look for max dpi or max usb speed ?

    Lil confused Scanner 1 - HP SJ 2400. The max is 1200 x 1200 dpi and works on USB 2.0 - price Rs.3300 or so. Scanner 2 - Cacon Lide 25. The max is 1200 x 2400 dpi and works on USB 1.1 - price Rs.2900 or so Should go for max dpi or USB 2.0 ? Please suggest.
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