Kumbhakarn monitor !!! Helllppppp!!


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guys I got a LG flatron E700SH 15" monitor a few years back. off late it has started showing its true colour. After I put on the computer, the small power button on the monitor keeps on blinking(at a fast pace, gradually slowing down) for 2-3 hours and then the monitor comes to life. Yesterday it so happened that I directly put the monitor plug to power and it blinked the whole day but NEVER STARTED :evil:
plzzzz guys tell me whats the problem.. I fear the ultimate though..


not enough power in the ehv transformer to accelerate the cathode ray. you can try to get it fixed but its even better to get a new monitor.


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i burst into laughter after failing to understand what you mean by the title the first time. classic title :grin:.

get the monitor checked & ask him how much it'll cost to get it repaired. cause maybe it'll be better to have it replaced for a new one.


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Regarding your query, obviously your monitor has a failed component. Get it checked by a service personnel.


:rofl:..Awesome name of the thread!!DAMN Hilarious!!
Do wat Sam suggested!!Find out how much will b the cost to get the monitor repaired n if its a significant amount then drop the idea of repairin n get a new monitor!
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