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Is it wise to buy Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V?


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Great review. Perhaps you can expand upon it by posting sample pics & HD videos of beautiful girls in your neighborhood, college & tuition. It will improve our understanding & help us know better.

Can you also tell us if it handles PDF files out of the box or will it need an app to be installed. Is is convinient and easy to read those PDF files [perhaps, in landscape mode, if not portrait]

Please get back with these inputs [especially the HD pics & videos we require]. Eagerly awaiting

Thanks :)


@sujoyp,Skud,Sarath,aroraanant,koltanga, thanks a lot for your appreciations.

I have posted the review as a separate thread as per your request:

Have added a few things too :)

@koltanga, Yes it does open PDF files out of the box. There is an office suite and Adobe reader preinstalled for that purpose. The later offers you a full screen view option too.
But if you ask me seriously, it cannot replace a e-book reader atleast for 2 reasons:
1. Due to it's 16:9 screen ratio, the width is quite small though the height is large in potrait mode. In landscape mode, you will feel that the height is quite small.
2. The batter as I pointed out is pretty ordinary when you keep the backlight for a long time. Since reading for a long time will require a the backlight to be on, this would mean that need to connect the phone to a charger when you read (definitely, not ideal!).

However, I would suggest you to have a look at the mobile in a shop (try it out). Personal preference weighs more than what you hear!


Most sony phones are 16:9, I wasn't aware of it in the beginining but it is much more comfortable that way.

Next step: add it to your siggy. :)
Looks at mine, Some may thing i'm spamming on this forum :p but it might be helpful for some :)


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That was a good review @damnthenet

Can you please let me know if you are facing any issues with this mobile. I've read quite a few restart issues with the Neo V.


@Uziar: Thanks. Regarding the issues, I haven't faced any of the Wifi issues or restarting issues.

The only problem that I see is that the caller is not able to hear anything if the signal strength is low (say 3/4) though I am able to hear the caller very clearly. This happens in my office everyday(we have moved to an isolated place :) recently). Not sure if this is a problem with the phone or with the mobile network. A friend of mine is able to talk with the same network from my seat using his Samsung Duos, so this is really a concern!

However, I haven't faced that issue when signal strength is good which has kept me from taking the phone to the service center. Will have to try out another network and decide.

@a2mn2002: Regarding the battery, I am charging it everyday. Can't help as I am addicted to several apps that will drain away battery! The fact is that you can get good battery life if you disable all the background apps and reduce the brightness, etc... But if they weren't required, why would I be getting an Android phone at the first place?

Tanmay Satpathy

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I have heard about 2 main issues with this phone..

1. Phone restarts / O.S Crashes.
Never had such problem. This may be due to low RAM which can be managed by a memory management app.

2. Images are stored in compressed form (few kbs even after you take image with 3-4 Mega pixel or something).

Images are of good quality. An average 5 mp snaps takes around 750kb. It is downsized if you view it on the Gallery app. But it never compromise on quality. Snaps are best viewed on the phone's screen.


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Never had such problem. This may be due to low RAM which can be managed by a memory management app.

Images are of good quality. An average 5 mp snaps takes around 750kb. It is downsized if you view it on the Gallery app. But it never compromise on quality. Snaps are best viewed on the phone's screen.

That's the greatness of almost all phone cameras, they look best on the phone's screen. Outside that, they just suck. ;)


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After a waiting for around 1 year for a VFM droid i got this baby finally .

The purchasing process itself was quite dramatic . I don't own a credit card and seldom use my debit card for anything above 5k purchase .
I was confused between galaxy sl , neo v and galaxy s plus .
So one day I took 20k cash to shop for cell . I went in to shops and had a look at both neo V and Galaxy S siblings . Fell for the one hand operation of neo V.
But it was out of Stock almost every where or only white colour was available which i disliked . So purchase plan cancelled for the moment .

Then within a week reports of over heating , restarts , poor se service started to come up and my mind shifted towards Galaxy SL .

Went to purchase next week that but the area where i live (indirapuram Ghaziabad) its all Spice . chroma , Reliance Digital .

chroma and Reliance were retailing Galaxy SL for 18.5 K! where as Spice Dibbas (yes these are dibbas for all practical purposes , a makeshift shelter in middle of alley in malls) in Malls were selling that for 18 K . Again Plan Cancelled .

Again took out money next week this time got a sweet deal of 17k for Grey version of Neo V . Got it finally .

Short Review : Camera is good with AF (would have purchased Nokia 701 had it AF)
Does Get heated when playing HD Games . (My 5800 also got heated while browsing) so i think thats normal .

Music and Videos : Decent i would say , but my 5800 did sound better .
Only supports Mp4 video . so need to install another player.

A drawback is internal memory (320 MB) . One can manage with normal apps , but all HD games (10 - 30 MB) install on Phone memory only . So have to be very cautious with what you install and not .


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What about BATTERY LIFE guys ? I heard that it is not upto the mark..U need to charge daily even if not using excessive 3G or wi-fi or games ?? Please reply..thanks..


Then will street price from a store be much lesser than 15.4k ? [ Jabra Headset quite costly :| ]

Kolkata ?
SE Neo v is available on 15150 @ Ebay. Is it safe to buy from that site the seller is ITPLAZA2011 Mumbai.

dealer warranty or manufacturer warranty? If its dealer warranty, dont buy it. If its manufacturer warranty, Go ahead!

PS: next time post the link of the ebay seller here.


Right off the assembly line
I have just bought a sony xerpia mobile phone from online store, now my friends suggesting me to buy skin cover for it’s protection as this is very expensive mobile so looking for skin cover which fit in my sony xerpia mobile. I
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