1. D

    Voice quality not same - Motorola Fire XT and Nokia N70, Nokia way better.

    Finding difference in voice quality of Motorola Fire XT and Nokia N70. N70 is seemingly giving me better voice quality on same sim and at same location. yesterday the voice quality was unbearable and I had to put back sim in N70 - surprisingly voice quality was just amazing ? What does nokia do...
  2. N

    Custom Firmware for N70(RM-84) Symbian s60v2 wanted plzz!!!

    hello everyone.. i recently read Fast Track to hacking mobile phones and found that my N70 does not hav a .core file in the firmware files provided by NaviFirm+,instead it has .v12 file... ok...i realized that i can directly hack it using Phoenix without creating ROFS backup by Nokia...
  3. damnthenet

    Is it wise to buy Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V?

    Hi friends, I had been planning to buy a good android smartphone to replace my N70 (Yes. The same old Nokia N70 :-D ) for over 3 months and searching for the optimum phone with the following features: 1. HD Video recording and LED flash for still photos 2. Good screen size (at least 3.7...
  4. D

    Mobile Model with these requirements. Wifi and vpn defi needed.(a satisfied N70 user)

    I have very different requirements on phone that I want to buy next (have been using the reliable Nokia N70 - touchwood its working even now) Must haves for me: 1. Wifi and cisco vpn client version should be available for phone. - Corp Email is necessity 2. Not bulky, no more...
  5. M

    Any mobile have Features like N70

    Hello, I was using Nokia N70 for last two years, but i dont know how it encounter an problem and the phone is dead now, i sold it. Now i have a new phone from Samsung, but i want to know is there any mobile phone which has the same features like N70, i really liked that phone, and now it is...
  6. M

    bluetooth headset...

    please suggest blutooth headset which can also be used with n70 and also on computer. cost < 3000
  7. A

    Copying data from Nokia E63 to N70

    I lost my E63 but have the contacts stored on my PC (using the Nokia software). Is it possible to copy the contacts to the N70 I am using now ? Any other way anyone can think about ? Cheers
  8. S

    How to use N70 front camera as a webcam?

    Hi friends, I want to use the front camera of N70 ME as a webcam. How can I do it? IS there any software to download? plz help.
  9. jxcess3891

    maps for n70

    can you use mapping software with n70? I mean if I need to find a location to a place.
  10. Flashbang

    n70 screen problems

    I have a nokia n70.I recently got a game from gameloft and when i started it on the phone, The logo appeared at the right corner like the screen size for the game was set larger.I tried on sony ericsson k810i which gives an option of screen size.I want to know if there is any option or software...
  11. jxcess3891

    ebook reader for n70

    suggest a good ebook reader for n70 which can read pdf files and remember the last page opened. Tried mobipocket but reads only 10 pages and then shuts down.
  12. soyab0007

    Nokia N70 4 Sale

    i am Selling my Nokia N70. without Warranty Keypad Has Been Rough Accessories: Box, Data Cable, Manual and Charger
  13. sourav237

    Antivirus for N70

    Plz suggest a good antivirus for N70 thnx in advance
  14. Amir.php

    Nokia n70 bluetooth connection problem

    I have IVT bluesoil dongle. When i tried to connect with n70 after finishing pairing, it shows only three option: 1. Bluetooth dialup networking service 2. Bluetooth file transfer service 3. Bluetooth object push service. It has desabled service: 4. Bluetooth personal area networking...
  15. A

    Difference btw Nokia N70, N70ME & N70i

    Hi all, Pls I want make a choice btw Nokia N70, N70ME and N70i phone, what makes difference in these phones, if browsing is my priority. Thx AllDRuns
  16. soyab0007

    N70 Me For Sale

    I want to sell my N70 at Rs 5300 14 months used with all accessories and 1gb memory card Only for mumbai
  17. S

    Nokia N73 apps: Newbie needs help!

    I've recently changed to Nokia N73. But installing applications on the system was a real headache. None of the .sis files i got from friends installed which were working fine on N70. I used PC suite. Message: installation not supported. What could be the problem?
  18. M

    N70 and N70m

    hi, is there any difference in n70 and n70m when compared on th bases of sound reproduction and quality???? :confused::confused::confused:
  19. soyab0007

    N70 Me 4 Sale

  20. sujoyp

    My N70 dead

    From Last 3 days my N70 is not getting any signal. Remaining all functions working properly. What could be the problem. Is the antenna damaged...can it be repaired...Helpp:( Else I have to purchase a new mobile:rolleyes:
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