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Introduce yourselves


Right off the assembly line
That's really good. I am also new here & hope to enjoy as much as possible.. But I want to suggest one thing. I don't whether is it acceptable to administrator or not. That is, is it possible to create a separate section for new comers??
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well, this IS separate section for newbs

i think you mean separate section where newbs can have discussions of their own level, thats a no-no
stay with the best, and learn with the best.
use google, its your new best friend.
stay stuffed, stay wise.
dont ask obvious questions.
did i mention google?


Hello! Browsing these forums after a long long time. It's good to see that this place i still alive.

Anyway, I am from Assam and I am studying and working for my degree in Architecture.


Are you dead yet?
My friend introduced me to this forum a few years ago. Only a couple of days ago did I actually come back and start relishing the active tech-talk constantly floating around this forum. This time, I intend to stay!

Since this is an introduction thread, I might as well introduce myself. I am studying Computer Engineering at Amity University, Noida. Btw, never EVER even think of pursuing your education at any level over there. Horrible place. Anyhow, I'm entering my third year now, and realized how blank I am about anything to do with the subject I am supposed to be studying.

Love playing the guitar (read: reason for lack of knowledge in my chosen field), football, and literature. I have an active interest in programming, and I intend to learn alot more about it (courtesy TDF of course!).

So keep rocking. I'll see ya'll around! \m/

Vignesh B

Hi all,
I am Vignesh hailing from Roorkee. I have completed my 12th and am eager to get into college.
I have been reading Digit for the last 1.5 years. I am decently active on some other forums like cnet etc. I hope to enjoy my stay in TDF. :)
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This is Alok Awasthi from Lucknow.
:))Gaming and tech maniac.:))
B.Tech 1st year.

Username is not as peculiar as u see. Just reverse it Kola->Alok and following no. Is a hint to password:-D


Hi guys this is abhinav from sonebhadra, u.p got registerd in TDF nearly a month ago but i am introduing me now(lazyness). I am working in LIC as a development officer. I mostly view TDF through my mobile.


Right off the assembly line
hi this is neha.....
going to send yr..
gonna take a few intro..
well still ready to give mine ryt now....

new to thinkdigit.com and quite happy to learn a few good things over here...
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