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@RCuber playing any battlefield these days? :lol::lol:
Playing Apex Legends since it launched.
I haven't played BF in a while, but still #1 Engineer in India


He has become the god of Battlefield and has ascended above us mortal players.


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Hello My name is Gaurav Khurana. An old reader of digit but new to this forum. Working in IT industry for quiet some time.

Have read so much about this forum in the magazine but never tried.

So thought of seeing the good discussion. to learn and contribute here with whatever i know

Thank you


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ok will try to remember these names.. Good to know you are here since 2005
You might want to take a glance at the rules: FORUM RULES - Updated November 7, 2019

Check for new posts now and then and reply to the threads you are knowledgeable enough about.

Create threads in the appropriate sections if you want to start a discussion.

Replies might be slow since members usually login when they get free.

Or you can always lurk.

Have fun.
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