1. harshilsharma63

    How to teach computer to parents

    Hi. i want to teach computer to my mom. She knowes how to perform basic tasks like playing songs. So what sequence should I follow? Which tools should I introduce to?
  2. U

    Plugins/Extensions in an C/C++ program.

    want to introduce a plugin system in my C++ apps, that will help the user to introduce new features to the program much like chrome/firefox extensions. Currently I cant think about introducing new features without recompiling the whole program, but I dont want that. I know its possible in PHP as...
  3. socrates

    Facebook forced to introduce 'opt in' privacy changes

    Facebook forced to introduce 'opt in' privacy changes | News | TechRadar
  4. S

    ?Video editing??

    I am looking for any softwares which can add the slow motion effect to the videos. Actually I am making videos of my son downloaded from handycam and I want to introduce slow motions in between. Any freewares or any other software? thnx for all the help
  5. S

    Show Off Your Website

    Hi Well nice to see forum dedicated to all Indians. As most people here are techies and many of them surely has a blog/website/forum. So it would be great, if you introduce your forum/blog in here. My is :- *
  6. Faun

    Hindi songs for non native person

    Please recommed some hindi songs for a person who doesn't know single word of hindi. I am just curious if these two songs are good to introduce that person to hindi songs :) "Tera hone laga hu" and "Tum se hi"
  7. A

    MTNL launches HSDPA

    MTNl the Govement Compony intrduce 3g in Mumbai thy are charging 10GB @2250 *** *** they implement FUP on it menace 10GB per month for more info see * technology is moving very fast i think we get 3G when world introduce 4G, see...
  8. Anorion

    Introduce yourselves

    This thread is particularly for the newcomers, get in here and let everyone know who you are
  9. ionicsachin

    The Guitar Lounge

    Hii all Do you play guitar? Have you got any queries like how to buy a new guitar or how to practice? Everything from tuning to here All guitarists please introduce yourselves....share licks and riffs, upload and let us listen ur compositions....
  10. N

    Airtel 3G in south india?

    Hi, when will the Airtel introduce 3G technology in south india??
  11. Sumeet_naik

    Digit Engineers Thread

    This thread is for all here at Digit who are engineers or engineering student. Please introduce yourself, college, branch, year ..
  12. techx

    Any PC technicians here( introduce ur self)

    I am new to this forum. I am a PC technician in UAE;) . Any one here is a PC technician in india or uae. introduce ur self( on where u work and what designation) :) . I will be waiting.:p :p :p :p
  13. bajaj151

    Airtel 8mbs within 15 days !!

    Airtel 8mbps within 15 days !! Airtel launching 8mbps within 15 days..... I dont think....they will introduce unlimited plan for it.......wht u say..?

    Welcome Thread - If you're new introduce yourself here!

    Welcome all new Members! Post here to introduce yourself and the members will do their best to welcome you to the Board:)
  15. M

    need to get any software / ideas to make write protected cds

    dears, well i m interestd to knw tht, hw can i protect cd frm copying someones? coz, i m to introduce a cd. pls be kind to PM me,in this regarding thanks in advance moblmn
  16. S

    People's Blog

    Dear friends;), I have started a blog. But i don't have any ideas:confused: how to modify HTMl or introduce javascript to make it cooler / better. It's on blogger.:smile:
  17. V


    hi ppl r there ne cdma phones that run on symbian series60? r there ne plans to introduce such phones plz reply
  18. Sourabh

    Nvidia to Introduce Mobile SLI

    Nvidia to Introduce Mobile SLI NVIDIA IS SET to introduce SLI for laptops, a real shocker. This idea actually did cross my mind but I didn’t believe that Nvidia could be that crazy. Apparently it is. Mobile SLI won't be part of any thin and light notebook - it's of course for heavy...
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