1. Nanducob

    Implementing 'Like' feature in TDF

    Would you be liking the 'like' feature in TDF(If Implemented) ? All Members please vote,thank you:)
  2. Zangetsu

    Have enrolled for AADHAAR

    Have u enrolled for AADHAAR post ur comments regarding the UID system implemented by GOV india :grin:
  3. D

    Terminate and stay Programs

    hello guys i was browsing through some DOS features at some websites and came upon TSR or terminate and stay resident programs. the y sounded quite good though i was unable to figure out who they were implemented . Can anyone tell me or point to a source that can provide information on how it...
  4. S

    Help Needed

    i m planning to implement NAT.... i.e. network address translation...... is it difficult to change the header of the incoming n outgoin packets of PC...i.e. is it possible to maniputale the header of the packets....... can it b implemented using codes in C or JAVA..... can ne1 please guide me...
  5. amitava82

    How rail reservation used to work before online system?

    Well i was thinking about how Internet has changed the world n this question has come in to my mind. How Indian railway reservation system used to work before online reservation was implemented? how they used to manage this complicated system? First ticket I've ever booked was in 2002. So i...
  6. koolbluez

    Coders... news 4 u...

    AllTheCode have launched a new code search engine which has joined a group of existing solutions including site such as Krugle, Koders and Google Code Search, with the ranking based on how frequently the code snipet has been implemented One problem though, it doesn’t allow the user to filter...
  7. Charley

    Procedure to patent an Idea

    An idea which hasnt been implemented before is available on an IT related aspect .. What is the procedure to patent it so that nobody else can use it? :idea:
  8. T

    Networking fundamentals needed

    hi, I would like to know the basics of networking and how they are implemented in linux. the latter part i can find in, but they all start off with " TCPIP is a protocol that is implemented by..." . hell, i dont know what a protocol is.. :oops: i guess you get the point. something...
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