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Join the ThinkDigit Forum team at HWBOT. Show off your OC skills and help bringing India's and team's rank above! ;-)
Link - ThinkDigit Forum @ HWBOT

Steps -

1. OC and OC and OC till you reach the limit of your hardware. BE CAREFUL, dont burn it :p.
You should take the help of forum members by creating a thread in this section, if you are not too confident or have some queries.
2. Join this link with any desired username and post here so we get to know who you are.
3. There are various benches available - Memory, Motherboard, Processor, Videocard, Disk.
4. On the right side of above pages download and rule links are mentioned. READ the rules before downloading the benchmarks from there.
5. Run the benchmarks of your choice as per rules.
6. Now go to hwbot and you will see SUBMIT SCORE button on right side. Hit it!
7. Locate the benchmark which you want to submit from that page, click respective Submit button.
8. Now enter details as asked and click Submit Benchmark Score button at bottom. Congrats you made your first submission :doublethumb:. Ranks and points will be calculated.

This is basic of HWBOT. As you explore you will find various competitions, challenges running, extreme cooling (LN2 etc) benchmarks, people competing for best scores and several records being broken!
On the whole if you love to Overclock and fiddle with your hardware, you will love that place!

Now post any benchmark tweaks in this thread if you find. I will add them in this post.

Thats all for now! :thumbs:
If you have any queries feel free to contact our team members. You may discuss your scores here.

Good luck Overclocking. :toast:


Various Tweaks -

AMD 6*** GPU users should use Catalyst 11.7 for benching Unigine.

For aquamark first use this patch if you have 64bit OS and aquamark is not running. Rename the Aquamark.exe (in program files) to anything you like. Delete the directcpll.dll. Use real time priority. Tighten your memory. Use a bit of lod (for nvidia GPU) and you're good to go!
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Cyborg Agent
^ can anyone join more then 1 team ??

How many members will be there if a TDF team is made??


Cyborg Agent
^ ya dude, i saw you :D

Regarding TDF team, some or many older TDF members (OCers) have joined different teams :(


Cyborg Agent
^ wished i could join, but i am already a member of another team, good luck to you guys
Jaskanwar Singh

Jaskanwar Singh

Aspiring Novelist
tenida you have a very good processor and it will help in getting high 3dmark11 scores ;-)

BTW our team is currently 6th out of 104 in India. time to compete hard. bring on your scores everyone ;-)
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