1. E|e<tr0|!0n

    Android phone's Power button is gone, how to boot now in Recovery mode

    My Moto G4+ 's Power button just broke off and is lost. I intend to boot the phone into recovery mode for rooting purposes, but it seems impossible as you've to hold the power button + volume buttons to do so. As of now I am able to revive the screen by swiping on the fingerprint reader, but I...
  2. D

    Problem with Firefox on uploading pictures in facebook

    I am unable to upload pictures with Photo/video button of facebook with firefox browser. I tried several suggested methods obtained by googling like updating browser, java plugin, resetting and finally reinstalling firefox. But, the problem remains the same. It may be mentioned that photos can...
  3. A

    HP Pavilion G6 2010ax Windows 10 random freezing

    Hello As the title suggests i have HP Pavilion G6 2010ax running Windows 10 Pro TH2 1511 which randomly freezes.Nothing happens screen is stuck ,no task manager nothing.I have to hold the power button to turn it off. I checked hdd which is ok.What can be the problem?
  4. S

    PC not boot-up.

    Hi, I recently change my HDD after first was corrupted. Now when I install my new HDD my PC won't run up. Motherboard green light for power is on but after pressing power button not even CPU fan is running. Whats the problem in this?? How to resolve this?
  5. icebags

    Need a router with wireless on/off physical button

    Hi, I am looking for a router @ <1K range, cheaper the better, with following features for a 1000sq flat - the signal should be ok and stable after 2 walls at distance of 20-25mts (at least 3 bars). # router should have a physical wireless on off button # should have some kind bandwidth...
  6. N

    Is it my motherboard or RAM sticks?

    This the whole backstory below. Well I got a UPS and surprisingly the problem still persists. While messing around today I(again:lol:) discovered that when I removed a RAM stick, the PC booted up. Then I reseated it again and it still boots. I changed the channels. Ran memtest86 again...0...
  7. N

    Should I purchase a UPS?

    This is the question I posted on Tom's Hardware... I found the solution myself i.e enabling 'dummy load' in the BIOS. Or I thought so. The above Ramayan happens again sometimes and I realized that if I wait 15 mins or so the PC boots up properly. I've ran memtest86+ and RAM is not an issue...
  8. S

    looking for inear type of earphones for my moto g 2014

    hi all, i am on the lookout for an in ear type of earphones for my moto g 2014. it should have a mic along with a button with which i can skip or go to previous tracks and also play and pause. I have used a number of earphones in the past with a mic and button but it simply wont let me change...
  9. B

    UPS "voltage & sensitivity settings"

    UPS &quot;voltage &amp; sensitivity settings&quot; here are the couple of emails i got from apc when i contacted them about restart issues i get power switches from mains to inverter. need to discuss here before i'm trying this. would this solve ups/apfc psu issue? - - - Updated - - -...
  10. avichandana20000

    HCL ME not starting

    My friend has a HCL ME TAB , Model :Connect 2g. Last Day i have inserted my SIM in it and from that time it refused to show Home Screen. What i have done: 1)I have pressed power button and it has started with the Music then "HCL ME" appears and got stuck there. 2) So I have switched it...
  11. patkim

    How to add one more device under inverter

    I have a 600VA inverter. I am planning to include one more usual light point from the bathroom under inverter. This might overload but will ensure that it’s not fully loaded if ever need be. I am not very familiar with the circuitry. It looks like there’s one 'Live' wire coming from back...
  12. R

    graphic card died?

    its not really much of a question. i know my graphic card is dead. i launched counter strike global offensive for the first time. my pc: i5 2500 asus p8h67m corsair vengeance 4*1 power color radeon HD 6790 (dead) after like 20 minutes of gameplay the game crashed w/ wierd monocolor lines...
  13. A

    Facing Booting problem in Laptop - Need help

    My 2 years old Laptop developed problem. When I press Power button on, normal display comes the screen shows it is booting, asks to select the 'widows' or 'Linux'. Then after selecting the OS, after sometime the screen, fan, power button every thing goes off with small sound ('Click') and the...
  14. B

    Earphones work only if earphone wire button is pressed in.

    The problem is with the earphones, I think. The laptop audio plays fine on its own speakers, but as soon as I plug in the new earphones that came with my Xolo Q800 phone, there's a problem: The audio can be heard in the earphones, but it is a bit muted, and it is mainly music, not voice. So...
  15. V

    Need help with Logitech Z623......

    Hi Friends, Recently i bought a new pair of logitech z623. i need help with a small issue that i have noticed today. Suppose the power button on the right speaker is turned on and the power button on the wall socket to which the speakers are connected is turned off. Now if i turn on the...
  16. nvrmndryo

    Pc takes around 10 seconds to beep after pressing power button!

    My pc takes around 10-12 seconds to beep after I press power button, then it boots n takes 25 seconds more to boot into windows 8.1.my friends pc's beep takes only 1 second to hear where mine takes 12 seconds. Any help?
  17. nick191

    Headphone for Galaxy S4 (with MIC) !

    Hello everyone, I want to buy new In-Ear Headphone for my S4 which has MIC and good sound quality bass and treble balanced well, with three button control. The budget is 3.5K rupees. Thank you in advance.
  18. Inceptionist

    Wacom Bamboo One - Pen buttons are not working

    Pen of Bamboo One tablet in question is working when moving the cursor around. But as soon as I click a button, right click menu gets displayed. No matter which button I'm pressing, it shows only the right click menu. It has been working fine for almost 8 months, this is the first time I'm...
  19. T

    Nexus(2012) 7 not turning on upon first time

    Received Nexus 7 2012 from flipkart today. Its on power since almost 3 hours but still not turning on when pressing power button. Not even battery is displayed which indicates device is charging. Very dim lines appear when power button is pressed which break and disappear within a second. Device...
  20. RohanM

    Bill Gates: Control-Alt-Delete 'was a mistake'

    Microsoft's co-founder claims that an IBM keyboard designer created the function and wouldn't allow a single button to access the login screen. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has admitted what quite a few Windows users have been thinking for a long time: control-alt-delete is an unnecessary...
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