1. harshilsharma63

    HTML help needed

    Hi. Take a look at this link: B. Tech. IVth Sem. Main Exam Result - 2013 - RTU Portal by Arun Batar It accepts roll number th the text field and displays the result after clicking of "Submit" button. I need to programatically access the result. What data do I need to send to the server...
  2. hari1

    Preventing reload from document.write

    Please see this html code:- <html><head><title>title</title> <script type="text/javascript"> function change_case() { document.form1.type.value=document.form1.type.value.toLowerCase(); } </script> </head> <body onLoad="form1.type.focus();"> <form name=form1 method=post...
  3. C

    gigabyte RMA question

    Sorry, this is irrelevant, but even I wanted to give my gigabyte mobo for rma. Can u plz give me the link where I can submit a request ? Ne help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. R

    [Query] Seagate RMA Website

    Hi guys, I need help here. The kolkata seagate RMA, needs us to register the issue of the HD online and with the reference no. would have to submit the HD for repair/refurbish. DOES ANYONE AWARE OF THE LINK/PROCESS?? Thanks and regards, rock_dj.:)
  5. mohityadavx

    javascript pass variable next page

    Well i am having a problem. i have made a form and on clicking the submit button, javascript validation is done to check all fields are correctly filled or not. Now the problem is I want to use these entered variables so the only way remains is redirect the page to next page after clicking...
  6. Jaskanwar Singh


    Join the ThinkDigit Forum team at HWBOT. Show off your OC skills and help bringing India's and team's rank above! ;-) Link - ThinkDigit Forum @ HWBOT Steps - 1. OC and OC and OC till you reach the limit of your hardware. BE CAREFUL, dont burn it :P. You should take the help of forum members...
  7. ico

    Share your Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, Xfire etc. IDs here...

    Steam: gbullet500 0Avb5KHSVc5pzdFk3czdZWFdPOHdTY0R3azBDaUNSLXc&output=html Fill the form here: * and ask us to republish. Credit to -
  8. patkim

    search issue on this site?

    Is search function on this digit forum site having any problems? After I submit the search, it comes back to the same page.
  9. furious_gamer

    AEF Not works in localhost

    Hi guys, Yesterday, i d/l the Advanced Electron Forum, from their site and paste it in my htdocs(I am using XAMPP for running PHP) folder.When i give localhost/aef/ it redirects me to setup page.After filling up all the details and click Submit it seems not working. Yes, the page not...
  10. siddes

    How to stop form submission redirecting to PHP page?

    Hi, I'm working on a comments system and whenever I click on submit, the page redirects to the php file. I don't want this happening, I just want to submit my data to the file using ajax, have the php file write that data to another file without any kind of response except success or failure...
  11. S

    Internet plagiarism

    Are there any freewares available on the internet where a student before submitting his assignment / thesis / dissertation can check that the work he or she is reproducing to submit to a university has not been partly or fully plagiarized (copied)
  12. D

    Poem or Story

    Can someone help me write a poem or story on this picture as i am requested to submit it as a assignment in my college. A slight idea too would be very much appreciated Please it's urgent as i have to submit tommorow and i am unable to form a poem or a story for this.
  13. champ_rock

    Divx Pro licences given for free today

    The link below allows you to submit your email address so that you can get the Divx Pro serial number. After you submit your email address, you can automatically download the Mac version or click the Windows link in the upper right hand side to download that version. Normally ther is a $20...
  14. B


  15. ankushkool

    yetisports: free fun games... u will get addicted play online or download de games... n tell me how it was. submit ur highest score here
  16. william

    where to submit????

    Guys can you please tell me sites where you can submit your own c++ programs or program source codes. I mean on some sites we see that in contributions they show the codes and programs submitted by different people. especially on programming language sites.
  17. deepak.krishnan

    A nice topic for project please!!!

    Hello friends, Please provide a good topic for my project.It is mainly to be done with VB and oracle.It is very urgent.Please help me!!! I have to submit the synopsis by next monday - Deepak Krishnan
  18. J

    someone please help me

    hi guys, can someone tell me any website that provides me readymade projects on banking systems in siftware engineering.its pretty urgent,ineed to submit in 2 days thank you. :roll:
  19. mAYHEM

    FC4 Install Problem

    I tried to install FC4 from my hard drive using dosutils,upto disk partitioning the text installation works fine,but after the msg'Reading Package Information' it pops a window showing a bug and asks me to submit the bug at FC page.i am installing the distro on logical this the...
  20. A

    Conneting to site gives ODBC ERROR

    I am trying to connect to a site and submit a form filled. But as soon as i click submit button; the following error emerges: ODBC Error Code = () Unable to instantiate environment for 'ODBC.' The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (CFQUERY)...
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