1. G

    HyperX Sets Overclocking World Record at 4500MHz

    HyperX memory was overclocked to 4500MHz, the highest frequency in the World. Overclocker with the name ‘Hicookie’ of GIGABYTE has set this mark in an overclocking tournament just before Computex 2014. Very little is currently known about the RAM used to achieve the world record, but its part...
  2. Jaskanwar Singh


    Join the ThinkDigit Forum team at HWBOT. Show off your OC skills and help bringing India's and team's rank above! ;-) Link - ThinkDigit Forum @ HWBOT Steps - 1. OC and OC and OC till you reach the limit of your hardware. BE CAREFUL, dont burn it :P. You should take the help of forum members...
  3. sumonpathak

    Super Pi Battlground [1M/32M]

    Hi everyone...starting the Super Pi battleground in DIGIT forums.So bring out the tweaking wrenches and bench:twisted: here you can post your super pi 1M and 32M results The rules are similar to HWBOT rules so the submissions you do here can be used to submit in submit in HWBOT.Here's a quick...
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