1. deadnoun

    OnePlus 3 AnTuTu Benchmark.

    OnePlus 3 is the one of the most awaited phone in the market now. The benchmark of the OP3 has been released by the AnTuTu benchmark yesterday. But the Official syrroundings of OP3 were saying that it was a rumour.
  2. R

    ADATA SP550 240GB SSD Review: Hitting the price-performance sweet spot?

    Introduction: ADATA have been pretty actively contributing to the SSD market and recently launch 3 new drives – XPG SX930, which is their performance high-end drive as well as 2 value drives – SP550 and SP560. Both of them use TLC NAND instead MLC NAND. The difference between the SP550 and...
  3. P

    Broadwell vs. Haswell – part 1: Cinebench

    We are rapidly phasing in 5th Gen Intel Core i7 Broadwell CPUs across our range instead of the previously used 4th Gen Haswell CPU – as seen below. MSI Notebook model Q2 2015 Q3 2015 G/P series (all) Intel Core i7-4720HQ...
  4. R

    ADATA Premier Pro SP920SS SSD Review

    Introduction: It was only a few years ago when SSDs had just come in and there was a lot of buzz about their great performance, reliability and high price/GB. As with almost everything in technology, today’s SSDs are much better of. They are far more performant, reliable and cheaper than...
  5. Desmond

    PC hard resets on running graphic intensive software and games.

    My PC started having this problem recently. Whenever run any game or benchmark tool, my PC hard resets, i.e. completely poweroffs and then restarts after about 2 seconds. No BSOD and nothing in the event log. The only error in the event log corresponding this the reset is a Kernel Power event...
  6. Ironman

    Auxus Core X2 - Benchmarks

    I bought this tablet Last year. I was thinking of doing a review but eventually forgot. But I did take some benchmark results on the first day of the tablet. After many days I found those result's screenshots. I'm posting those benchmarks now. I know it's useless now still here they are Core X2...
  7. sumonpathak

    ADATA Premier Pro SP900 128GB Solid State Drive Review

    ADATA Premier Pro SP900 128GB Storage as a part of computer system has not changed much over the span of time after the invention of mechanical disks. Things really took a turn for good when the flash based SSD's became mainstream in the late 2000's.Although the price/GB was huge the speed was...
  8. sumonpathak

    ADATA DashDrive HE 720 USB 3.0 Portable hard disk

    Howdy folks! hows it going out there? Today for you guys i have something from ADATA. Something from their range of portable HDD's. but first a few words about the company Now that's out-of-the-way,lets see what we have in our hands today. Presenting the Adata DashDrive HE 720 Main...
  9. sumonpathak

    GSkill Phoenix III SSD review

    Among all PC components none gives more sense of performance than the SSD.The general snappiness of the system brings a smile and satisfaction to anyone. Today we have such a component on the test bench.presenting the Phoenix III SSD from the stable of Gskill. The SSD was on my radar for a...
  10. G

    want to buy a tablet for 10 to 15k

    i have studied a lot about tablets under budget of 10 to 15k bt still i am confused. i came to conclusion that i can go for following tabs 1. spice stellar mi 1010 2. karbonn smart tab 10 cosmic 3. zync 1000 4. i berry auxus core x2 3g 5. samsung newly launched galaxy tab...
  11. NoasArcAngel

    Post your AnTuTu Benchmark results.

    Let the benchmark do all the talking :) no overlocking, stock ics kernel + infinity rom v2
  12. rajatGod512

    The Final Avenger

    After a lot of time I now have finally assembled my rig. I got the last couple of components on Saturday... I assembled it late at night and didnt had time to take pics of unboxing .Everything is bought from flipkart . In this thread I will be uploading regular benchmarks and updates I give to...
  13. desiJATT

    Need Feedback regarding an upcoming thread.

    Hello TDF Members! I need a Postive Feedback from YOU guys about an upcoming thread I am working on with the help of moderators here at ThinkDigit forum. This thread will solely require your help in building. The thread will cover Gaming performance on a certain Gaming configuration for...
  14. M

    Benchmark Software For Red-Hat

    Hai Friends.. Am using oracle enterprise manager 5.0 (redhat nash version 5.1), i need to check the cpu power by benchmark softwares, am using tomcat and flex application, so first without running my application i need to test the cpu, and after i started my application i...
  15. pranav0091

    Leaked benchmarks show up for GTX 680

  16. r4gs

    Benchmarks for 2012

    Since everyone is nice and busy on this forum today, I think it will be a good idea to get your feedback on this before we get started on our tests. Our current (tentative) config for this year's test rig is as follows... Intel i7 3960x Intel DX79SI RAM ( Unconfirmed as yet as...
  17. $$Lionking$$

    AMD Dual Opteron 4180 + Asus KCMA-D8 Review

    AMD Dual Opteron 4180 + Asus KCMA-D8 Review Introduction To begin with - this is not the review of a server’s performance in enterprise applications. This review in fact considers the machine as a high-end desktop rig rather than a server. Here, we have a dual AMD Opteron based (AMD Quad...
  18. Jaskanwar Singh


    Join the ThinkDigit Forum team at HWBOT. Show off your OC skills and help bringing India's and team's rank above! ;-) Link - ThinkDigit Forum @ HWBOT Steps - 1. OC and OC and OC till you reach the limit of your hardware. BE CAREFUL, dont burn it :P. You should take the help of forum members...
  19. sumonpathak

    wPrime 32M/1024M Battleground

    All right guys…its time bring out the potentials of your processors here….so I bring to you the Wprime benchmark thread…..the rules are simple… You must use thewPrime v1.55 version choose 32M calculation have a valid screenshot (see example below): clearly show wPrime time, processor...
  20. M

    Cpu best on e5800 or c2d 7500

    Hi guys i had been trying to find a better bang for performance and shocked to see that dual core outperformes c2d 7500 in cpu benchmark by 200 points And cost vise its half the price almost when compared to C2D. So can i go with E5800 CPU. Let me know currently i own pentium d 820 with 2.8...
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