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  1. Zangetsu

    OnePlus and Meizu caught red-handed cheating on benchmarks

    A group of XDA developers have confirmed that OnePlus and Meizu are cheating on benchmarks. OnePlus has even admitted as much and promises to not do it in the future. Source: OnePlus and Meizu caught red-handed cheating on benchmarks; OnePlus promises to stop – Tech
  2. bssunilreddy

    Kingston UV300 480GB Benchmarks???

    Hai, Kingston UV300 480GB Benchmarks??? Are the below benchmarks good enough! Please tell me! Thanks & Regards, BSSunil
  3. nikufellow

    Galaxy J7 good buy for 15k?

    Price : 15k Os : Android Brand :Sony,Samsung,LG,Moto,htc Use : Gaming,watching videos,decent camera So i've rounded in on J7 is it a good buy?How does it compare to G3? G3 has snap 410 but it looks like exynos 7580 in j7 beats even snap 615 in benchmarks so i am assuming it'll handle games...
  4. Ironman

    Auxus Core X2 - Benchmarks

    I bought this tablet Last year. I was thinking of doing a review but eventually forgot. But I did take some benchmark results on the first day of the tablet. After many days I found those result's screenshots. I'm posting those benchmarks now. I know it's useless now still here they are Core X2...
  5. R

    Tegra k1 smashes Graphics benchmarks ( console quality games on tablets/mobiles comming this year ?

    Bombshell announcement with its new Tegra K1 chipset last week, as it ushered in the era of Cortex-A15 processors and Kepler graphics for mobile. The 192-core GPU is certainly its main selling point, and now we get the benchmarks to gauge exactly how much better it will be from anything else...
  6. nikufellow

    Samsung caught cheating again - this time in Note 3!

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 was caught ramping up its GPU clock speed when running a benchmark, so naturally the Galaxy Note 3 was under suspicion too. Thanks to some excellent detective work by Ars Technica , now we have a confirmation. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 (the Snapdragon 800) version...
  7. nikufellow

    Samsung caught CHEATING in Galaxy S4 GPU benchmarks

    Source :gsmarena blog
  8. sumonpathak

    ADATA DashDrive HE 720 USB 3.0 Portable hard disk

    Howdy folks! hows it going out there? Today for you guys i have something from ADATA. Something from their range of portable HDD's. but first a few words about the company Now that's out-of-the-way,lets see what we have in our hands today. Presenting the Adata DashDrive HE 720 Main...
  9. R

    Welcome to my First Build:D

    My first build guys 8-) im so proud of myself :P. Firstly i thank this TD community and all the members for everything,just few months back i never new something like this existed. Back in nov 2012 i started this tread PC Rig 50-55K Bangalore asking for a config. I thank the following member...
  10. N

    Suggestions for GPU

    ok, so, its been several months and I still can't decide which GPU should I buy... I watched and read literally hundreds of reviews and benchmarks for different cards and I'm still confused.. nvidia cards are a preference for me(don't ask why), so far, I've narrowed down the options to the...
  11. quagmire

    Nexus 4 Benchmarks on AnandTech - Beats other Flagship android smartphones

    Although a marginal increment Nexus 4 appears to be the best (overall) android phone right now .. Read on more here .. AnandTech - Google Nexus 4 Review - Google's new Flagship
  12. R

    Benchmarks of MMX A90 and MMX A100 - now say!

    Benchmarks of Micromax A90 and A100 - now say! Hello geeks, I am sharing some test results of two devices. I am not so much into mobiles and hence cannot depict the results appropriately. The two devices are the MMX A90 and A100. Here are the benchmarks of A90: 1> Quadrant: 2543 which...
  13. future

    7970 hd or 6950 hd in crossfire

    Hi friends , i am going to buy a gpu for games like bf3 , batman arkham city etc. , in february ending. I am confused , should i go with 6950 now and then crossfire it later in may -june or buy 7970 in feb ending . I have seen benchmarks where 6950 xfire beats 7970 . I will be playing games...
  14. Jaskanwar Singh


    Join the ThinkDigit Forum team at HWBOT. Show off your OC skills and help bringing India's and team's rank above! ;-) Link - ThinkDigit Forum @ HWBOT Steps - 1. OC and OC and OC till you reach the limit of your hardware. BE CAREFUL, dont burn it :P. You should take the help of forum members...
  15. J

    Is Seagate Really Going Down?? Hard to grasp!

    I was about to buy Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 SATA 3Gb/s (ST3320418AS) (320GB) HDD. But After reading (12 Pages Benchmarks Articles) @ (http://techreport.com/articles.x/16472/6) (this site may be down some time). I am tend to think dat ALL Seagate Barracuda’s 7200.12 Families Hard disks r Slower...
  16. amitash

    intel core i5

    Well here it is and some benchmarks...Due to arrive at the earliest at april or may..mostly june-july though see benchmarks here http://www.techpowerup.com/78383/Preliminary_Tests_on_Intel_Core_i5_Conducted.html Keep in mind its still a sample. Will this be the main competetitor in the...
  17. 4T7

    VIA Nano beats Atom

    The Atom impressed many when it was released earlier this year, quickly becoming a prime choice for anyone building low-power PCs. It was directly competing with Via's Nano because of this. Some initial performance benchmarks showed the Atom as quite more potent than the Nano, though Via claimed...
  18. H


    wat r the popular benchmarks and how do i compare my score with other configurations for the same benchmark... to know where my system stand in relation to others'..
  19. A

    Need For Speed Carbon Benchmarks Out!

  20. tuXian

    .:: Help Me Buy A Pen Drive ::.

    Hi Guys I am planning to buy a USB Pen Drive either 128 or 256 MB. I would like to know what should I look for before buying a pen drive. Are there any benchmarks for it? Did digit carry a shootout in the mag anytime?? Plz help me buy
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