How to become fat?


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You have a decent weight for your height. You need not overeat. Just regular exercise (irrespective of you lose or gain weight) is fine. If you eat excess, the fat keeps on depositing inside the abdomen (not beneath the skin). And once you cross 30/35 age, it becomes the cause of Diabetes, Hypertension and many lifestyle related diseases.

Just eat healthy, exercise regularly and stop worrying about gaining weight. Weight will take care of itself.

By the way, you will gain weight once you get married. Your worry will be losing weight. So as of now, chill.


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hmm depends on your somatotype again, that decides what kind of exercises you need to complement your diet with as well
some professionals use other systems, basically either get professional help or dont change anything
it's really a case to case basis, maybe supplements will work out for you and what you want


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Not really, chicken and eggs contains enough cholesterol. Fishes are safe bet as far as protein goes.

well technically speaking, chicken is a very good source of protein and so is fish. But because of the dirty water i dont think its very safe to eat fish. fish also poses problems for having lots of bones.

and cholestrol intake <300mg for a normal person so 150-200g of chicken is pretty good, egg on the other hand is bad.

again eating cholestrol is not wrong. because vitamin D is a cholestrol compund derivative and is produced from cholestrol in the body. So no cholestrol is not your enemy. excess of everything is

Can this be only because i eat only chicken :D(maybe 5-6 times a week)

if you eat grilled chicken then gaining weight will be difficult. Try eating fried for 1-2 weeks.


Lets talk numbers, because finally weight gain or loss all come down to the calories you consume and expend:

You're an ectomorph. First calculate your BMR:
Men's Equation = 66+(6.23 x weight (in lbs))+(12.7 x height (in inches))-(6.8 x age)

The number you get is the min. number of calories you need to have to sustain your body.
NEXT: Multiply the above number with one of the below factors depending on your activity:

1.2- Little to no exercise
1.375- Light exercise (1 to 3 days/week)
1.55- Moderate exercise (3 to 5 days/week)
1.7- Very Hard Exercise (6 to 7 days/week)
1.9- Hard daily exercise and/or physical job

The result you get is the number of calories you need to intake to maintain your weight @ your level of activity.

> Now add 500 calories or so to this number and you will start gaining weight (3500 calories = 1 pound)
> So if you theoretically eat 500 calories over your requirement for a week you should put on a pound of body weight.
> Weight gained = Either by muscle or fat. Gain that weight by building muscle not fat! I suggest you buy some whey and try bulking up.

Note: All foods have calories in them. Just because you can afford to eat extra calories, let those calories not come from junk food. Have lots of protein (chicken), fruits and veggies and slow digesting carbs.


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lol i m around 18, 6 ft and around 70kg all i want is shape my muscles and packs so joining gym ..u should do that too akshay.


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Agree, nuts and milk.

otherwise get married and do both.

how does marriage effect body weight? :p
i m going to be 19 this june and i weight only 48 i look thin..but started going to gym on my way to build some muscles :)


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did weight didn't increase.

5'11"/180 cm and 60 kg.

so finally what I need to do?
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