1. B

    Both FAT and NTFS partition in WD Passport

    Hi Guys My cousin got a WD passport HDD. It's default filesystem is NTFS. Now Android phones with OTG can't read NTFS file systen until and unless you are rooted and even if your are then there are bugs in the software which reads this file system. So, having FAT system is the only viable...
  2. theserpent

    How to become fat?

    I;m 17 my height is around 5.8-5.10. Well i have become kinda thin how to do i become a bit fat and look healthy?
  3. X

    Converting phone memory from FAT to FAT32

    Hey DiGitian, Before posting this i have searched on web and even in the diGit itself, but couldn't find any thing which would have been worked for me. The problem is that i am having a cell phone whose internal memory is just 50Kbs (which really sucks) & i plugged my cellphone in my PC and...
  4. J

    Foods That Burn Belly Fat

    As the intentions of our New Year’s resolutions slowly slip away from us as January turns into February and the rest of the year passes us by; we lose our aspirations for the goals we have intended year after year to keep. Losing weight is a well known and well intended aspiration that slowly...
  5. J

    Must-Know Secret To Losing Weight With Almonds

    Studies show that chewing itself causes “fullness.” I’ve also read that chewing gum will demolish your desire for snacks, which in my experience, I find completely true. Almonds are an interesting way to lose weight. Almonds kick into the system of our physiology affecting hunger and...
  6. J

    9 Tips For Easy Weight Loss

    1) Fruits And Vegtables Fruits and vegetables are very healthy for you. They have a lot of fiber and antioxidants. In addition to this, eating raw fruits and vegetables will make you feel fuller, faster! The amounts of calories that fruit and vegetables have are really low. So be sure to eat...
  7. surinder

    Flash drive showing 2GB instead of 8G

    Guys I'm using Sandisk cruzer micro 8 Gb drive since a year ago few days back I had to use it as a HDD regenerator bootable drive so it may has been formatted in FAT by the software since then it is showing only 2GB working space instead of 8G so what to do please guide me. Thanks.
  8. Faun

    Health and Fitness Thread V1: 100% Adrenaline

    So i was thinking of creating a thread where I wanted to share my experience and encourage others to do the same for the lulz. I never actually though of joining gym but then to keep myself busy and to forget someone...lol. But then it is one of the best thing ever happened to me (except the...
  9. naveen_reloaded


    I recently convertoed my 8gb pen drive to make it as windows 7 flahs drive or something now i can format it into NTFS or FAT.. how to do ?
  10. saurabh kakkar

    Unable to create links :(

    Hi I have made 4 of my fat32 partions auto mount at start-up So every time system starts these 4 partions comes on desktop .Now i wana make shortcuts for some of my folders residing in this fat volume on desktop but whenever I try to create a link on any folder i get this message : plz tell...
  11. digit i am thinking

    FAT 32 to NTFS How?

    How to convert a FAT 32 drive into a NTFS without formating it?
  12. dhawald

    And you thought Fat free was good??(video)

    This is the video I made in my free time. this video is funny but also teaches us in what direction we are going. I would appreciate your feedback. see it here 100% Fat Free
  13. xbonez

    Your pets pics

    Hey, i'm sure lots of geeks here have pets - dogs, cats, birds, turtles (eh, max?) Post their pics here and let everyone see Here is my 6 yr old Black Labrador Misha - fat, lazy, sleepy, yet very very lovable
  14. iMav

    any slax users

    i got this linux distro from a friend and prviously having used ubuntu i found this to be really very user friendly for the 1s who are wanting to check out how troublesome/good linux is. the best feature i feel is that it has inbuilt fat support means write-read control over fat partitions...
  15. K

    What file system?

    Hi Guys, I have got Windows XP Home Edition(SP2). File system is FAT 32. I heard that FAT 32 is not a safety one for any user. Then what File system is good and how to change my FAT 32 into any other File System. Your step by step will be useful for me to understand and change it accordingly.
  16. unni

    Microsoft FAT patent fails in Germany

    While the U.S. courts recently reaffirmed Microsoft's FAT (File Allocation Table) patents, the German Patent Federal Court has just dismissed the patent for use in Germany. According to a report in the German news publication Heise Online, the court has denied the protection that the European...
  17. 56561

    need to install SUn studio but failed .

    hi all , I need to install sun's studio creator , but it is getting stuck at 29% every time . I have FAT32 . now my friends r saying u cannot install Sun's studio on FAT 32 . u need NTFS . so how to do it
  18. alsiladka

    How to format a FAT filesystem with lesser bytes per sector?

    Guys, i had read somewhere that you can format a FAT system using a custom bytes per sector settings. What i want to do is format the MicroSD card of my Nokia 3250 with a 512 byte per sector setting. Can you suggest me how is that possible?
  19. CadCrazy

    how to convert NTFS To FAT

    How can i convert NTFS partiotion to FAT32 as i have to use it in ubuntu.
  20. ArZuNeOs

    Formatting Prob

    Guys this may sound silly...But I am confused & Afraid My Hdd has 5 partitions total 120 GB C: 10 gb NTFS where core of windows D: 10 GB NTFS Where program Files E: 30 GB FAT 32 Where backup of my office files (12.08 GB used) F: 30 GB FAT32 Songs Wallpapers & Softwares (8.06 GB used) G: 40...
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