1. B

    Pen Drive acting weird

    Hi Guys, We have a 7-8 year old pendrive. We have scanned it in different computers using different anti-viruses and it's clean everytime. Whenever we copy some data and try to open it in a different system "most" of the times and "many" of the folders show this kinda crap instead of the data...
  2. R

    moto g or asus zenfone 5

    hey guys wats ur opinion on de above topic? asus zenfones definetly seems better ... but any1 has used it properly? n i also heard abt some gps issues.. i am kinda confused with wat to buy.. n shud i be considering the 16 gb model ?
  3. ithehappy

    Going to buy a monitor today...size or resolution?

    I am giving up on my Dell 22" finally (1680x1050) and today I'm going to M.D Computers to buy a Dell U2412M. They quoted me 17k for it. My target was PB248Q, but 25k seems kinda steep, don't wanna spend that much. I'd love to have 1920x1200, as it's 30% more from my current res, but I'm kinda...
  4. A

    How to Programm?

    Hello guys! So, This is my first post here! So, I want to learn programming and I don't like maths. A big problem! What should I do? I'm learning HTML right now, which kinda is easy but something like C++ is very difficult. Any good programmer out there who can give me some tips? Thanks :)
  5. $hadow

    Professional headphones needed.

    Hey guys whats up? Well my cousin is looking forward to start of his dream of becoming a Dj. He is looking forward to get a new headphone. He was earlier using Sen hd202. Well this will be a kinda gift from his cousin side so I need to know can I get anything good around a budget of 15k...
  6. D

    Broadband in Chennai, specifically YOU

    Hey, I've been on BSNL( for quite some time and their customer service has kinda reached the breaking point for me.( Low SNR for months, ul became better later but dl is still bad+High Attenuation). They come once in a blue moon and dont even make an effort to fix it. Plan is ULD 950 btw. My...
  7. F

    Pantech Burst

    Hey guys! Im going to the US, and I am gonna be buying a Pantech Burst there.. Im kinda an ultranoob in Mobiles.. more of a PC savvy guy.. so please dont mind. :P I was wondering if I buy it in the US what all I have to do to use it in India, will I face any problems or anything? And...
  8. theserpent

    Mwc 2013

    Maybe Too soon to start this thread But anways :D MWC this year is from 25-28 feb. LG updates Optimus L-Series handsets for MWC 2013 | Mobile World Congress - CNET Reviews Already many leaks are out... LG Models are leaked and the specs are kinda dissapoiting. Lg L7 ii is powered By...
  9. theserpent

    How to become fat?

    I;m 17 my height is around 5.8-5.10. Well i have become kinda thin how to do i become a bit fat and look healthy?
  10. A

    galaxy note white sluggish

    just brought a galaxy note and when on wifi it prompted me to download a small firmware upgrade for 76 mb. i did that and now i notice its kinda sluggish while navigation. Can someone help me on that. Also guide me to get a great case for it.
  11. windchimes

    How to shuffle images in facebook

    Guys, Need to shuffle and sort pics in FB albums on an urgent basis. You know how to do it in order. Say i need 10 th to go in 3rd place and 3rd to 7th while 7th is moved to 10th kinda thing... Help needed.. Cheers
  12. RajeshNethaniah

    Need information on a good 5.1 channel speaker set

    Hi, I'm planning to buy/get a nice 5.1 channel speaker set within a range of Rs.3K to 5K. It should have good RMS power. I listen to Trance,Breakbeat,etc. kinda music & watch Sci-Fi,Thriller,Animated,etc. kinda movies. Please suggest any. Thanks before :smile:
  13. A

    hard disk problem...

    i recently started getting this message every 5- 10 mins..... have never seen anything like this so its kinda suspicious..... is it really a windows message??
  14. C

    Installation of Ubuntu10.10 step by step (for a noob like me)

    Hello guys, I haven't use ubuntu. :sad:I get my CD direct from ubuntu linux . can you guys help me installing it.. :smile: or if there is any tutorial or any thread of that kinda plz gimme link.. you guys are very supportive and kool I knw...
  15. S

    droid within 15k

    hi guys, i am looking to buy a droid within the budget of 15k. features which i require - #capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch. #3G #wifi #good browser which should support flash #qwerty keypad (optional) i have already identified a phone which suits the bill - Dell XCD35...
  16. T

    Altec Lansing VS4121 0r 2621 or 4621?

    Planning to buy a mid range 2.1 from altec lansing...Confused between 2621 or 4121, 4121 is old i know but i kinda liked the sound.Suggestion are welcome, i have quite an open mind ;)
  17. gameranand

    Need a Phone at 25K

    Hey guys I want a phone around 25K. I am Kinda confused between N8 and Motorola Milestone...I am a multimedia kinda guy so buiseness phone are no for me....Do I have better options suggest
  18. A

    Multi-user Desktop Setup Suggestion !!

    hey guys, My current config is : 1. Core i7 920 2.Intel DX58SO 3. 6 Gb DDR3 4. ATI HD5770 5. 1 TB HDD Well, i wanted to setup a multi user PC. . i have 2 monitor (dell 22" and a old CRT) k/b,mouse,spkrs.. So i was wondering it its possible to keep the same CPU...
  19. M

    help me buy earphones for my nano under 1000 rs.

    i just got ipod nano 5th gen nd m thinking of improving my musical experience so i need sum gud earphones(not headphones).... i listen to all kinda music frm kesha, lady gaga to avenged sevenfold, disturbed.... pls help me out guyz..
  20. M

    best quality earphones to go with my nano 5th gen around 1000rs

    i just got a nano and the bundled cans sure suk.. so i m thinking of buying some new ones.. i listen to all kinda stuff from kesha to bullet for my valentine so i need some good balanced earbuds which cud handle my library with kinda wow! factor.. i currently have used philips shh4520 and...
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