1. theserpent

    How to become fat?

    I;m 17 my height is around 5.8-5.10. Well i have become kinda thin how to do i become a bit fat and look healthy?
  2. leo61611616

    Webcam Can Tell If Your Heart is Healthy

    Ming-Zher Poh, a graduate student at MIT, has made it possible for a webcam to tell how healthy you and your heart are, by just looking at you. There’s no need to hook yourself up to any machine, or test your blood. Just look at the webcam, and you’ll have your result displayed to you. It's...
  3. Plasma_Snake

    What's for Breakfast?

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as they say, but due to bad habits in our household all we get in name of breakfast is 500ml to 1 ltr of milk per person. For some of u guys it must be whopping too much but not here so tell me what else I can have in breakfast that can be healthy...
  4. narangz

    Max Healthy Temperature?

    Hi friends! Well I wanted to know the maximum healthy temperature for my: AMD X2 3800+ AM2 ASUS M2NPV-MX And also the normal RPM of CPU fan. Thanks a lot!
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