1. quicky008

    High latency issues after upgrading DDr2 Ram

    The specs of my system are as follows:core 2 duo e8500,MSI g31 motherboard,2Gb DDr2 800 mhz transcend ram,1GB ddr2 667 mhz transcend ram,250GB HDD,nvidia gt 730,generic pci usb host controller card. Today i swapped out the existing 1gb DDR2 ram and installed a new 2gb ddr2 800 mhz hynix ram.The...
  2. M

    Medium High End PC Under Budget :

    I want to build a medium high end PC. The processor i've choosen is Core i7 6700k . But at the moment my budget is 40k INR only. That means GPU is excluded. I will buy it after saving some money ( Medium High End GPU) along with it, HDD , Monitor,keyboard, mouse and Case is...
  3. sujoyp

    Need a new Bike under 1 lakh

    Hi Guys, I was planning to replace my 14 yr old Unicorn with a new bike in comming 2 months. I am 5.6" (just to give you idea, dont suggest too high bike) and I dont want RE :) I have shortlisted these 3 bikes 1. Gixxer SF SP 2. Yamaha FZS 2.0 3 Honda Hornet CBS 200cc bikes are out of...
  4. S

    High Ping woes

    I have a 100mbps ACT internet connection. Ping seems good when playing games. After like 20 25 minutes or so into the game, frequent ping spikes. Need to isolate if the problem is with router due to high load (suppose not as I have flawless 4k streaming ) or the laptop. I also have usb-wifi...
  5. C

    RailWire US/EU ping for gaiming

    I am using BSNL broadband now. Ping to US servers are like 280 ms. Can anyone using RailWire provide ping/traceroute/mtr to following IPs ? Is RailWire is stable compared to BSNL ? BSNL, i don't have much issues, get 2 mbps, only problem is high ping...
  6. M

    How to increase video bitrate?

    I created some videos using Screencast-oMatic but they have a low bitrate of under 200 kbps whereas I need them to be at least 300 kbps. How do I get a high bitrate for the videos?
  7. harshilsharma63

    Need A Rugged HDD Setup

    I have a 1 TB WD My Passport Ultra that fell from a table 2 feet high. Since then its not working properly and giving a read speed of mere 355 KBps (yup). Seeing some videos on youtube about its internal structure, I see that its an extremely unprotected HDD with virtually no padding inside the...
  8. N

    Best high speed internet in Chattarpur,New Delhi

    hi, I mistakenly made this post to another place. So, I wanted to ask if any high speed broadband internet services are there in Chattarpur,New DElhi? My current ISP is giving me a frustrating speed of at most 25Kbps. I am mostly into web development so I need a high speed internet connection...
  9. P

    Monitor or led tv needed with 99% adobe rgb colour gamut

    Hello, I want to buy a monitor for my colour critical work and little bit of gaming. Requirement: 1. A high colour gamut monitor(100% adobe rgb prefered). 2. Ips or vu panel does not matter as long as colour gamut is high. 3. Not too much brand consious but dell samsung lg asus...
  10. P

    ASUS ROG GL552JX-DM087D, Core i7-4720HQ, vs HP ENVY Touch 15-k008TX-4th Gen Core i7

    Hi All, My question is which one to buy among the two? HP ENVY Touch 15-k008TX (Price 65 K approx) It has touch screen 16GB DDR3 ram(more) 8gb ssd i7 4510 ASUS ROG GL552JX (Price 60 K approx) No Touch screen(NA) 4GB DDR3 No SSD(NA) i7 4720(superior) I am not a gamer. Basically I need a...
  11. T

    is it right time to upgrade graphics card

    hi i have i5-2320 8 gb ddr3 and zotac gts 450 1 gb cx 500 smps wanted to know is it right time to upgrade the card as most 2015 games run too lagy to play i shorted two choices r9 270x gtx 660 as only this two card in my max budget need to be able to sustain for next 3...
  12. G

    Laptop CPU Temp going too high while running Dota 2

    I have a brand new hp elitebook 850 g2 laptop with core i7-5600U processor. I have installed dota 2 and the FPS is really good on high settings but the CPU temperature is instantly jumping to 90°C+ when I run the game. Is this normal or is there some issue with the laptop? Do I have to use a...
  13. T

    High quality SD cards for daily clicks.

    Everyone is a photographer, some are professional and some are enthusiast. When it comes to high-end and cutting edge photography, with the amount of Facebook photography pages you'll figure there is no scarcity and apparently this is a section very much talked about. But how about a regular...
  14. D

    New external HDD

    I want to buy a 1 TB external HDD but am not sure about which brand should I go for. I have never used any external HDD personally for a long time so I am not sure about the warranty/price/speed etc provided by different companies. I need it just as a backup device, no need for high end...
  15. I

    Need to update a gaming rig. Please suggest the components that I need to update. Under 25k.

    My current PC configuration is: Processor: Intel i5 760 @ 2.80GHz. RAM: 4GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz.(Forgot the manufacturer name.) Motherboard: Gigabyte P55 USB3. Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 5670. Cabinet: Cooler Master.(Again, forgot the model. The PC is almost 5years old now and I bought it as a...
  16. TechPrince

    CM Hyper TX3 EVO Fan rattling at high RPM

    Hello, I purchased this cooler 21 months ago. Now it has started making rattling at high RPM. Whenever the fan reaches 2400+ rpm, rattling starts. Now if i touch the fans side, rattling goes away for a while then comes back. After this point, fan rattles at >= 2000 rpm OR when fans RPM falls...
  17. C

    NEW 2014 Alienware 17 (DELL) or any other alternatives.

    Hi guys, This post is regarding your valuable feedback and reviews on NEW 2014 Alienware 17 (DELL) with 880 NVidea graphics. I am wanted to buy and great desktop replacement and rig should have capabilities for running high end gaming too, therefore I found out this super high end config...
  18. R

    Suggest a Graphic Card Budget 7k

    Hi, I m looking for a graphic card my budget is 7k. My specs: Corsair VS550 550 Watt PSU AMD Tri-Core 2.8GHz 6GB RAM Gaming with high details up to 1440X900. 1TB HDD Thanks!
  19. R

    Mixing 5.1 Speaker and 2.0 speark for 7.1 setup ?

    Can i Put 5.1 SBS A520 Creative Speaker and 2.0 JBL speaker [from old SR20IL compaq computer ] to make 7.1 ? Motherboard support : Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC - Supports : Jack-detection, Multi-streaming, Front...
  20. seamon

    play for high school drama.

    Suggest a humorous play for high school. Time limit: 20 mins. One act plays preferred. Does anyone know any big bang theory episode worthy of using as a high school drama.
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