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Hardware price list/spec sheet


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But how to purchase?

OK, got my answer:-

What can I do on Junglee today?

Find and Discover Products

Find something specific by entering a few words in the Search box and narrowing the results using the helpful search filters. Discover the perfect item by browsing through our Departments link or by looking at the most frequently viewed products. You will even see recommendations for products similar to those you have already viewed.

Make Purchase Decisions

Get detailed information about products through our product pages and read what other customers are saying about a given product. You will see reviews written by Junglee visitors as well as millions of real-time customer reviews from Amazon.com. Evaluate buying options from multiple sellers and find the seller who best meets your needs based on price, shipping speed, shipping and return policies, and location. For sellers with physical stores, use the store locator to find the most convenient store location. Once you make a purchase decision, you can visit the seller website or the physical store location to complete your purchase.

Share your Opinion

Become a part of the Junglee community by writing customer reviews, liking products and sellers, and sharing your opinions with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter or Email. Your opinions will be valuable for other customers to make their purchase decisions, just as their opinions are to you.

Can I buy products on Junglee?

You cannot buy directly from Junglee. Junglee puts you in touch with sellers by directing you to their websites, displaying their customer service phone numbers and providing their physical store locations to help you buy the products directly from sellers.

Which sellers list products on Junglee today?

Currently, hundreds of online and offline Indian sellers, and Amazon.com list their products on Junglee. We add more sellers and selection every day so that customers can find anything using our service.


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Hey guys, hows it going??

Need some feedback on this photoblog I have in plan for my university.

Manipal's Photo Blog

Do post some feedback. Much appreciated.

Also, I want to know the price of the cheapest projector with USB connection.


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^ For projector, price start from 3K and goes upto ~17K for some high end products. Need more info about projector uses, resolution etc. before suggesting the same.


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junglee.com is such a crap. very bad site.. they are joking with us by giving links act as search engine. very crap desi fudduu f** bad site .

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wow like the CM fan roster lots of variety in even the 80mm category. iam loving my CM standards but would love to try out the other ones in future too.:D

it was a bummer jungle turned out to be a dud lol.

i am alil taken a back when did radeon 7000 launch , it sounds such a hush hush release. i feel like a caveman now lol

so which cards wrth a buy?


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^^Nice adapter.I will buy this after getting a proper USB 3.0 external HDD.Now the high-price of HDD is triggering us to buy it.
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